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Fashion accessories are the perfect way to add personality and style to your wardrobe. You can use them in many ways, whether you want to complete an outfit or update something old with a new look. One of the best things about accessories is that they don’t cost nearly as much as clothes do, meaning that there’s no need to feel guilty when you buy more than one.

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Here are some tips for choosing stylish accessories.

Fashion accessories: Choose a signature item

A signature accessory refers to a piece of jewelry, a belt, or scarf that you wear often and that serves as your “signature” style. Ask yourself what you wear most often, and then think about ways that you can amplify it to make it even better. For example, if you always wear chunky dangle belly button rings from [UBJ], those would become your signature accessories. Or, maybe it’s a flat cap, which we wrote about here.

Choose a silhouette for accessories

There is no rule against pairing different styles together in terms of makeup and fashion, but there is one when accessorizing. You’ll want to pick out the same general shape for all of them, so everything matches nicely and doesn’t look too cluttered on top of each other.

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Think about colours and patterns

Think about what colour palette works best with most outfits: neutrals like black, white, browns, grays. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with colour and experiment with different shades and patterns. Accessorizing is a great way to change up a business look and add some personality. So don’t be afraid to mix things up. Just be careful not to go overboard, or your outfit will look too busy.

Use accessories to transform an outfit

If you’re feeling like your outfit is a little bit too plain, adding some accessories can spruce it up. Whether it’s a colorful necklace, a cool belt, or some funky earrings, using the right accessories can make all the difference in transforming an outfit.

Match them to the tone of your outfit

Choose accessories that match or contrast with the colour of your outfit. Either way is acceptable. Just don’t pick two similar tones for opposing elements in an outfit. Go brave by pairing different colours together. The best part about this rule is that there are no rules for matching colours or patterns. So play around until you find something you like. Try coordinating several small pieces instead of one big accessory.

Smaller accessories can have just as much impact on an ensemble without overwhelming. Coordinating smaller items shows foresight because it takes more thought than just throwing on a necklace.

Fashion accessories: Think about your lifestyle and what you’ll be doing

Choose easy-to-wear accessories that won’t take too much time to put together in the morning if you’re always on the go. If you have a more relaxed lifestyle, feel free to add more statement pieces to make any outfit pop.

If you’re looking for a more lavish lifestyle appearance then you’ll want to team up your outfits with some flashy jewelry. You can find a jewelry store near me that will help dress up your outfit with a few key pieces. After all, diamonds can be everyone’s best friend.

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Accessorize for your body type

Not everyone can wear every accessory. Experiment until you find things that look good on you and make your features shine. Pearls look great on women with round faces, while men might want to try a watch or tie clip if they want to add some flair. To highlight your accessory without overwhelming your outfit, pair it with a custom t-shirt for a simple yet polished look.


Choosing stylish accessories is easy once you know the basics and what works for your style. This will help you find the best products you need for various purposes.

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