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Endurance is a good thing for seekers of the “perfect suit”. Finding the elegant look can be done with German fashion designer, entrepreneur and 46-year-old founder Philipp Patrick Hannes Plein as he dazzled my fashion menswear hounds on the catwalk at the Four Seasons Hotel recently with the latest Spring Summer 2025 collection, aiming to turn men into a “Billionaire”.

“Billionaire is a tailored menswear brand, a jewel in our group. We don’t try to be fashionable but timeless,” Plein told the media at the event.

“Billionaire” is timeless luxury, timeless fashion and a timeless brand. Plein says the classic ode to fashion is because of his love for classic Italian tailoring. He gives much credit to the traditional lifestyle of Italian artisans, working the traditional way to give the label – 100% Made in Italy.

Fashion is Italy’s no. 2 industry, with sales of over 100 billion Euros, of which 90 billion are in exports,says Camera Nazionale Della Moda Italiana Chairman Carlo Capasa. “The fashion industry is at the cutting edge of our economy.”


Menswear: Billionaire palette

The casual and classy look with all the menswear is mostly made from linen, silk, cashmere and flannel. Tailored-suits as well as oversized jackets with classic blazers and bombers jackets, sandals and sneakers playing with safe virgin whites, shades of light creams, soft greys,  brown python jacket for the more daring or the grey pullover with the Billionaire brand are proudly displayed.

And of course, the classic charcoal black and a touch of silver and gold along the belt buckle or the small medallion hanging around the neck on a gold chain fits any summer cocktail event and more.


Consumer feedback

“Billionaire is a classic symphony of colours, design and the feeling of wearing the right thing once in a lifetime,” says retired music professor Piero D’Agostino. “So I spend my money when it is totally necessary.”

“I purposefully bought the Billionaire brand for my holiday vacation in Capri,” says family medical doctor Francesco Di Silvestro. “I like to escape when I can from a stressful work life and saddle-up from head to toe.”

“There is the bold and the beautiful and then there is Billionaire,” says retired businessman Dario Ferri. “You know you are on vacation or at a special event when you’re wearing Billionaire.”

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Plein started off pursuing jurisprudence at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Plein switched gears and found his passion for fashion by designing luxury dog beds. From man’s best friend to man himself, he became the head fashion designer and founded the Philipp Plein International Group in Munich, Germany in 1998. He registered the trademark PHILIPP PLEIN and officially founded his enterprise specializing in luxury goods.

He later moved his headquarters to Lugano, Switzerland, and specializes in the creation, manufacturing and worldwide distribution of luxury goods. He is also the Head Designer of the brands: PHILIPP PLEIN, BILLIONAIRE, PLEIN SPORT and PLEIN GOLF. Philipp Plein has an estimated net worth of 800 million Euros as of May 2023, according to Forbes magazine.

Plein’s extravagant and elaborate shows have included cage matches, Jet Ski jousting, and other big-scale spectacles, making him the talk of the town in the fashion industry. In 2003, he sold his accessories after designing a lounge for a German trade fair for Moet & Chandon. In just one day, Philip Plein has been reported to generate over €100,000 in sales.

The Billionaire brand is sold through 85 multi-brand stores including Concord, Ontario which launched the Philipp Plein and Billionaire brands five years ago through representative Original Luxury Inc., is further expanding into North America and of course, available online.

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