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After months of winter-time hibernation, most of us are excited to get out into the sunshine and get back into the spring and summer activities we enjoy. That could be hiking, cycling, blading, or just long walks – whatever gets the blood flow going.

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According to statistics, most people spend a large portion of their day sedentary – and that contributes to hypertension, obesity, depression, physical pain, and premature mortality.

Pain supplements for maximum production

Exercise is important to our physical and emotional well-being. Paired with a good nutrition plan, that will push you towards maximum production on any given day, whatever your career is. Coffee is great, but you don’t want to rely on caffeine jolts to give you a much-need energy burst mid-afternoon.


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The benefits of exercise

Eating well combined with good exercise will do that for you naturally. Exercise improves blood circulation, increasing oxygen supply to the muscles, releasing endorphins. That helps you stay more alert and focused through your workday. It’s linked to better cognitive function – enhanced attention span, memory, creativity.

Exercise improves endurance and reduces stress and anxiety, by promoting the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with mood regulation. Plus you’ll sleep better if you exercise, which will make you more productive during your day.

Overcoming physical pain

But you don’t want pain or any physical impediments getting in the way of exercise. Many of us are managing pain, maybe from a past shoulder injury from 25 years ago, or maybe from something more recent, after a weekend warrior episode.

Chronic back pain, tendonitis, stiff muscles, shooting pain in the legs, limited range of motion – those of us who have been active our entire lives and who want to remain active likely are dealing with an ever-increasing laundry list of physical ailments.

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A good chiropractor can assess, diagnose and treat certain issues affecting the neuromuscular skeletal system. They’ll help you manage pain.

But a key cog in your strategy to integrate more exercise into your daily life should be joint pain relief supplements, preferably all-natural.

What are the benefits of adding natural joint care supplements to your exercise regimen?

The benefits of natural supplements

“They target inflammation and, as a result, help decrease swelling and reduce joint pain associated with conditions such as osteoarthritis,” says Christina Larder PhD, R&D and QC Specialist at Genacol. “For example, Genacol Pain Relief is a natural supplement that reduces joint pain, supports joint health and improves mobility. Its beneficial properties are associated with its active ingredients: AminoLock Collagen and Eggshell Membrane, both of which have been investigated in clinical studies.

“This supplement helps reduce joint discomfort that may occur with aging, helping promote a healthy and active lifestyle even as we age.”

Holistic approach to health and wellness

Plus, natural supplements have no significant side effects. And natural supplements come in different varieties so you can customize based on your preferences and needs – capsules, tablets, liquids.

By taking a holistic approach to health and wellness, with exercise, nutrition and chiropractic therapies key parts of that, and proper muscle and joint care, along with joint care supplements, you’ll immediately notice an increase in productivity and get more out of your day.

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