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Working out regularly when you’ve got a packed schedule can feel like an impossible task. But with the right men’s health approach, it’s possible to stay in shape while still keeping on top of your other professional and personal responsibilities.

Make exercise part of your morning routine

Start your day off with a burst of energy by making exercise one of the first things you do each morning. Even if it’s just 10 minutes, you can use this time to fit in some physical activity that will boost your productivity and focus throughout the day.

Set an alarm and make sure you stick to it, so getting up early isn’t a hassle but rather something that helps you stay on track with being active even when working long hours.

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Men’s health: Take short breaks to get moving during the day

Working long hours doesn’t have to mean sacrificing exercise. Schedule regular breaks throughout the day and use this time for physical activity.

Taking a walk around the block, doing some simple stretches at your desk, or even going for a quick jog can all help you stay active.

Not only does this give you an energy boost but it also gets your blood flowing, which aids concentration and lets you focus on tasks at hand when you return to your desk. Making these small changes in your schedule can be beneficial not just to your body but also to productivity.

Men’s health: Find the right time for a pre-workout drink

If you’re exercising during the day, you also need to think about when is the optimal time to consume pre-workout supplements.

For instance, if you’re intending to get a quick session in during a break in the day, or over the lunch hour, then you’ll need to also fit in a pre-workout drink ahead of this. Adding an alert to your calendar to remind you when the time comes is useful.

Utilize technology for home workouts

Technology can be a great way to squeeze in some exercise when you’re burning the candle at both ends.

With workout apps, streaming services, and online classes there are many options that allow you to work out from the comfort of your own home. This means no more excuses about not having enough time or energy – just pick the routine that works best for you and get started.

You can also take advantage of wearable technology such as fitness trackers which help monitor your activity levels and give feedback on how well you’re doing.

Set goals to increase motivation

Even if you manage to find the time to fit exercise into your day, that doesn’t mean you’ll stick with this new routine in the long term. For that, you need real motivation, and having achievable goals in mind makes sense for this.

Your fitness aims don’t need to be immense, and in fact it’s better if you work towards targets that are within reach, because then you’ll get that endorphin hit that will keep you coming back for more.

Whether it’s shedding a pound or two, beating a personal best for a particular workout, or just managing to complete your set number of routines in a week or a month, it will make a big difference.

For your routine to accommodate fitness and exercise, you need to want it. So don’t make excuses or promise yourself that you’ll get started tomorrow, or next week. Work it out now, and the benefits will come quicker.

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