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Following up on a New Year resolution, you decided that you wanted to make health and wellbeing your priority. You want to live a healthy life. However, unless you have already built a routine that prioritizes your mind and body, it can be a challenging undertaking to bring that into reality.

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In fact it can be extremely difficult to make that first change. You have ingrained habits in your life, actions you take without a second thought. Gradually, you will find that these new decisions and changes that you are consciously making will become ‘normal’. They will become ingrained in your daily routine and you will find yourself automatically doing them. And with that you’ll become a healthier person.

One goal at a time

It is important that you first break it down. Making a decision to make significant changes to your lifestyle needs to be done in a way that is achievable. You are more likely to continue with this journey as you master one change at a time and are able to keep motivated on physically being able to hit that target.

Prioritize the goals that you want to make a constant within your life, and really break them down.

Setting yourself manageable and doable steps, when it comes to a healthy life, is key. If you flip your life completely in one motion, you are more likely to encounter more barriers mentally and physically. With these barriers and setbacks, you are more likely to allow yourself to stop. Having mini goals and benchmarks will ensure that this does not happen.

You will set an attainable goal and reach it. By this point it will have become a new habit, and then as that continues you will strive for your second and then your third. With each new success, you will find that gradually your lifestyle has changed and you are becoming healthier.

Commit yourself

Understand the goal and the actions needed and make a promise to yourself to succeed. You need to ensure that you remain committed to this, in order to see the changes you want. Arm yourself with as much information as you can, for instance, is a place you can go to get useful information on healthy foods, Keto diets, workouts, and weight loss.

In order to strengthen this, it can be beneficial to make a commitment to someone else. A partner, friend, coach. Once you verbalize and make the promise and commitment of the changes you will be making, you are making yourself accountable to ensure this is reached.

It can be as simple as writing on your calendar when you will go and visit a gym like Fitness 19 and complete a workout, agreeing to meet a workout buddy at the location so you are committed and won’t let them down. Even saying it aloud to yourself and reinforcing the reasons in your mind as to why you are dedicated to making these changes and what you will gain from this in the long term.

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