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It’s a new year, and millions of people around the world will be making resolutions to boost health and wellness in the year ahead. Resolutions may seem like a cliché, but the importance of taking good care of your body and mind should never be underestimated.

Health and wellness: Increase activity levels

Exercise is one of the best natural remedies for improved physical and mental health. At this time of year, it’s common to embark upon training regimes and take up new active pursuits. The trouble is that good intentions may not translate to long term changes. If you find that you lose motivation quickly, or you struggle to hit targets, start slowly, build your fitness and include a range of activities.

Set realistic goals and try to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Simple things like going for a walk at lunchtime or doing exercise classes after work can help you to increase your activity levels. It can help reduce stress and can help you adapt to new regimes. Choose activities that complement your interests and try to make physical activity fun. You don’t have to pound the pavements for hours or join the gym to get fit. You can venture into the great outdoors, take up team sports, or try new active hobbies, such as climbing, cycling, kayaking, playing golf or swimming.

The benefits of organic cannabis

As we have written about in the past, there is a growing demand for organic cannabis, since health and wellness is a bigger focus now. It’s more about a healthier process behind what we consume. Companies such as Organic CBD Nugs offer a range of products that can help to relieve stress and anxiety as well as promote sleep and relaxation. There is little debate now about the benefits of organic cannabis.

While the demand for organic cannabis continues to rise due to its perceived health benefits, it is crucial for individuals to navigate state laws carefully. Kentucky serves as an example, where marijuana is legal solely for medical use. Individuals in Kentucky who wish to access medical marijuana must acquire a KY medical marijuana card, which requires them to meet specific qualifying conditions and follow the state’s regulations for medical cannabis use. By adhering to these laws, individuals can safely and legally access the potential benefits of organic cannabis in their pursuit of health and wellness.

Evaluate your diet

The word diet is often linked to weight loss or muscle gain, especially at this time of year. While it can be beneficial for your health to lose weight if your BMI is high, it’s more useful to focus on nutrition. Evaluate your diet using a food diary. If you input meals and snacks into an app, you will be able to track calorie intake and analyze the nutritional value of the foods you eat.

Use your diary to highlight areas where you could make improvements. Consider making changes to boost nutrition and make your diet healthier and more balanced. More and more people are choosing to adapt their diets for health reasons. If you’re interested in reducing the amount of meat you eat, or you want to try a vegan diet, for example, seek advice from your doctor or a nutritionist. Take a look at plant based recipes from Feasting at Home.

You can also search for ideas online and use social media to get inspiration for new dishes. It is particularly beneficial to modify your diet if you have vitamin or mineral deficiencies, your energy levels are low, or you have underlying health issues.

Make time for mental health

It’s easy to get carried away with making changes that will protect and nourish your body when talking about health. But your mind is equally important. Try to put more focus on your mental wellbeing. Manage your time to reduce the risk of stress and make more time for hobbies, socializing and unwinding and relaxing. Talk to people you trust or a therapist if you have things on your mind. And use activities and hobbies to express yourself.

Many people find that being creative or doing exercise helps them to control their emotions. Make sure you get enough rest. Seek advice if you notice changes in your mood or you’re struggling to switch off, get out of bed in the morning or summon up enthusiasm for the things that usually bring joy and excitement to your life.

The start of a new year makes many of us contemplate changes we’d like to make in the months ahead. It’s common to make health-related resolutions. But often, motivation levels dwindle quickly. Take these simple steps to make your health and wellbeing a priority in 2022 and beyond.

Top image: Photo by Leon Ardho from Pexels

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