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The Consumer Electronics Show is wrapped up for 2022, bringing us glimpses of the hottest new tech and showing us the gadgets you’ll be snapping up as soon as they hit the shelves this year. If you’re after the stuff that will turn people’s heads and have their jaws dropping, look no further; here are five of the most exciting items announced at CES 2022. (Top image: Consumer Technology Association)

Lenovo Thinkbook Plus Gen 3

Lenovo has announced its new Thinkbook Plus Gen 3, a laptop with a 17.3-inch screen. That might not seem too exciting, but it gets better: There’s also a second 8-inch screen that’s built into the keyboard. The smaller screen supports the use of a stylus that is included and fits into the laptop.

You can send screen distractions and notifications to the smaller screen, mirror your smartphone, or simply gain more screen real estate. It has a 12 gen Intel processor, up to 32 GB of RAM, and up to 1TB of drive storage.

Lenovo Thinkbook Plus Gen 3

Image: lenovo.com

Samsung Odyssey Ark Monitor

Samsung has released the most drool-worthy PC monitor to date: the 55 inch curved Odyssey Ark, which comes with a special stand that allows you to mount it vertically, allowing you to have the monitor curve past your eye line giving you an immersive experience like no other. This screen is so large; you could use it as your TV as well, making action sequences come alive around you.

The screen can be segmented to allow multiple views, think picture-in-picture x 10, allowing you to have your favorite game up across the bottom of the screen while streaming a movie, or keeping a zoom screen open while you try out some multiplayer.

Samsung Ark

Image: Digital Trends

Sony Bravia XR TVs

Sony announced a new range of QD-OLED TVs under the Master Series A95K line. They combine OLED technology, known for outstanding contrast and deep blacks, with Quantum Dot tech, giving you brightness and individual pixels. They’re sleek, with a small bezel, and the range of colour is unparalleled. The picture and sound can also be optimized for your sitting position within the room.

They also use Sony’s XR Sound Position, meaning the screen itself becomes the speaker. Not much more info is available about these screens, but rest assured, they’ll be snapped up when they hit the shelves.

Sony Bravia Copy

Image: sony.com

CES 2022: Samsung Freestyle

Samsung has released a compact, portable LED projector, the Freestyle. Apart from the ability to take it anywhere, the beauty of the Freestyle is its adaptability. The screen can be set from 30 to 100 feet, depending on the distance from the projector to the surface.

The stand allows for a 180-degree range of motion, and the projector itself acts like a speaker giving 360 degrees sound. The Freestyle also auto-corrects for uneven surfaces and corrects for skewed viewing angles, ensuring a level rectangular viewing surface.

Samsung Freestyle

Image: samsung.com

TP-Link WiFi AXE200 Omni Robot Router

TP-Link has released a new router that is smart enough to problem-solve to better its connectivity. The TP-Link AXE 200 Omni uses internal motors built into its antennae to make adjustments to better your wifi signal. The router also handles 2.4, 5, and even 6 GHz traffic, all with some pretty impressive throughput speeds, and it also handles wired connections up to 10Gbps. This router will handle all the traffic you’ll be creating with your other brand-new gadgets.

Axe200 Omni

Image: TP-Link.com

Honorable mention: Samsung Eco Remote

Remotes aren’t particularly exciting, but Samsung’s new Eco Remotes may be the exception to the rule. They’ve developed a new remote that uses both a solar charge as well as small antennae that pulls wifi signals up to 40 metres away to charge itself. That kind of technology could see millions of batteries not ending up in landfills, which is pretty exciting. Samsung will include this new remote with their televisions and other home appliances.

Samsung Remote

Image: samsung.com

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