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Those who consume cannabis want to know how it is processed, just like it is with the food we consume. Where does it come from? How was it grown? Does it come with any harmful residues and additives?

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The pesticides and toxins that are used to protect against pests and diseases in the mass farming of fruits, grains and vegetables have consumers wondering what they are ingesting and demanding to know it is safe. Health and wellness is even more of a focus among consumers now. The good news is we are seeing a healthier process behind the food we consume, one that puts quality and nutritional richness over quantity.

That’s why organic cannabis is growing in popularity. Many cannabis users claim that organic cannabis is the best weed out there. That’s especially true for those who grow their own plants. Cannabis extraction consultants can help you make profitable, high-end concentrates. But what really makes the naturally cultivated stuff better than the alternative? Organic certified means it’s higher quality.

Improved potency

There are more locations to buy cannabis now. Toronto has many new retail stops in the downtown core where you can purchase product. Of course, even though online stores are the most popular for these products, Seattle offers a lot of experiences for tourists interested in cannabis. The bottom line is there is much more selection out there. The million-dollar question behind organic cannabis for many smokers is, will this be stronger? It is hard to say so across the board. But in an overwhelming number of cases, the answer to this question is yes.

As consumers become more educated and curious about cannabis, they are starting to consider options beyond just the ready-made products. For many, the journey now leads to cultivating their own organic strains at home. Those who are interested in this route, can purchase high-quality cannabis seeds from a trusted source, like Zamnesia.

Organic fruits and vegetables are known to be more nutritious. Similarly, organic cannabis is stronger in several key ways. Organic users say that the effects of smoking are felt almost immediately and last longer.

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Photo by Aphiwat chuangchoem from Pexels

The reasoning for this comes down to the quality of the soil that organic cannabis is grown in. Most soil contains a balance of three key nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. However, organic soil is of a rich and higher quality than the alternative. That’s because it is dense in other supporting nutrients which helps promote balanced growth.

The result of this is an ideal balance in the plant’s cannabinoids. So its desired effect is stronger for the user.

Finest aroma and flavour

The distinctive scent of cannabis differs greatly between strains. And it is often one of the ways that you can distinguish high-quality weed. This is due to the quality of the terpenes in the product. Terpenes are the aromatic components that give all plants their odour. And organic growth produces ideal quantities of the terpenes, which results is especially fragrant marijuana.

This means that it will be easier to decide what strain is best for you based on smell. You might be after either a fruity, piney, or spicy aroma. With organic cannabis, you will be able to identify the prevailing scent much easier.

Reduced environmental impact

One of the primary goals of producing organic cannabis is to minimize the environmental impact of its production.

The most sustainable way to grow cannabis is its natural state, outdoors using sunlight. However, the industry continues to expand. And as that happens, production is continuing to shift towards indoor growing. And that means a larger amount of electricity is being used.

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Image: Michael Fischer, Pexels

Regardless of whether it is grown indoors or outdoors, organic cannabis has environmental benefits. That includes reducing the use of potentially harmful synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. These can have adverse effects on the water and soil used for its production.

Look for products that advertise natural, outdoor growing methods to find the most environmentally-friendly option.

Decreased health risk

The cannabis plant is known as being an extremely effective soil decontaminant. It can leach heavy metals and contaminated soil. In fact, hemp fields have been used to clean areas previously used for steel plants in Italy to allow the land to be used for agriculture in the future.

However, the flip side of this is that any materials that are absorbed by the cannabis plant can be released when it is smoked by the user.

An organic certification relies on clean soil used to grow cannabis plants. So by consuming these products, you are ensuring that none of these materials with potentially harmful long term effects are ending up in your body.

Support a growing industry

Just like the organic food industry, organic cannabis is currently growing in leaps and bounds. More producers are experimenting with organic growing methods. And many of these are smaller operations that produce high-quality products with a lower environmental impact.

Purchasing these products often allows the industry to grow further. That’s especially true when buying from smaller “mom-and-pop” producers who are growing smaller yields.

There are several organic cannabis producers in Canada, including British Columbia’s Rubicon Organics, and 48 North in Ontario.

Although there is no standard national certification, look for producers with regional certifications to ensure quality. Salt Spring Island’s Good Buds growers is one. They are certified by the Fraser Valley Organic Producers Association.

The benefits of organic cannabis are becoming much better known. That means it is easier to find at your favourite dispensary. So is getting a pure, natural, and environmentally conscious high important to you? Then it is worth trying out.

Top image: Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

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