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The past two years have seen an extraordinary revival of the travel industry. More people are jetting around the world in seek of an indulgent getaway after refraining from doing so during the midst of the pandemic.

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The ONS reported that increases in travel began after restrictions were lifted in the second half of the year in 2021 with much of the world following suit. Prior to this increase, the number of visits in 2021 was 79% less than the peak of 2019.

“Revenge travel”

The concept of ‘revenge travel’ has undoubtedly played a part in recent increases. After being restricted for so long during the pandemic, with little else to spend money on, people are now going all out. Revenge travel is more extravagant than your typical budget family holiday, with luxury being placed at the forefront, whether this be travelling to your hideaway via a chartered jet or residing at an extravagant all-inclusive retreat.

For many, 2023 will be the first-time many have travelled abroad since before the pandemic, creating even more incentive.

There are plenty of stats to back up these trends. Private jet company, VistaJet experienced an 85% increase in bookings year-on-year in January 2023, for example. “New Year’s resolutions are inspiring us to see more, explore more, be bolder and more imaginative. This is driving people to dream big,” explains Matteo Atti, VistaJet’s chief marketing officer.

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So, where are people jetting off to for their luxury getaways?

Spas and wellness retreats

Private beachfront, infinity pools, amazing treatments and a committed service team – that’s what you can expect from luxury spa or wellness retreats abroad, depending on the location, of course. Examples include Kisawa Sanctuary, which is a luxury wellness resort on the southern tip of Benguerra Island and THE WELL at Hacienda AltaGracia in Costa Rica.

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Prefer to get up close to nature? Choose an expedition that takes you into some of the most incredible places on Earth. You can join a trek through the Amazon rainforest or opt for an expedition in the islands regency Raja Ampat in the West Papua Province to explore dense jungles and see crystal-clear waters.

Isolated islands

For those wanting to seek out lands that have scarcely been touched, an isolated island adventure is ideal. You can choose from beautiful destinations like Lake Como in Italy, The Maldives in the Indian Ocean and The Seychelles off the coast of Africa. The likes of Airbnb have a dedicated island category, adding something completely unique into the mix when booking a holiday.

As highlighted above it’s become apparent that holidaymakers are depending on luxury and specificity when it comes to their perfect getaway – Atti explains “We now expect clients to be more selective, placing heightened value on fulfilling experiences that fuel their thirst for fun, knowledge and personal growth in 2023.”.

More and more people are embracing travelling in luxury to embrace the end of Covid-19 restrictions, with many putting their savings from this restrictive period towards making life-changing memories. Where will you venture to on your next luxury escape?

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