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If you’re hoping to plan a great trip for the summer, consider the benefits of going on a solo travel adventure this year. There are many reasons for people to travel alone. From finding oneself to getting to know new places, even when no one can go with you, planning a solo summer adventure can be worthwhile. Here are some great escapes to consider as you start planning your trip:

Solo travel: Take a look at tours

If you want to plan a trip where you’ll know what you’ll be doing and where you can meet other like-minded people, consider the benefits of booking tours. These kinds of trips can make it a lot easier for those who may be easily overwhelmed by the logistics that go into planning trips.

Whether you’re into Christian tours, singles tours, couples’ tours, or any tour you can think of, there are so many options available, so do some research online to find the perfect summer tour for you.

Consider the beaches of Mexico

While there are many great options for beaches in the U.S., there are some gorgeous locations to visit in Mexico. From the Pacific to the Caribbean, consider booking a trip to anywhere from Puerto Escondido to Tulum. While anybody traveling to Mexico should be aware of safety tips, it’s a welcoming place with some of the most gorgeous and fun beach locations in the world. Plus, it’s just a stone-throw away from the U.S., so check out vacation rentals down south today.

Solo Travel Cabo San Lucas

Image of Cabo San Lucas by Jared Rice/Unsplash

Solo travel: Check out European wonders

Europe is another great place to visit for anyone who is seeking to experience the beauty of the old world, so to speak, while also enjoying some great summer escapes. From Spain’s beautiful places like Mallorca to Malaga to Italy’s coastal paradise of Sardegna, if you want to experience a European vacation while partaking of the sea and sunshine, there are many locations where you can find experiences that are worth writing home about.

Solo Travel Sardegna Italy

Image of Sardegna by Tristan MIMET, Unsplash

Book a beach trip in the country

If you don’t have much time but want to have a great trip during the summer, the U.S. has some great beach spots that are worth visiting. From Myrtle Beach to Destin, Miami, and California coastline galore, there are so many spots worth checking out in this country for those who are seeking some time in the sun. Although you’ll want to check out dates that aren’t on weekends to avoid summer crowds, taking time to plan a beach trip this year in the summer is a good idea.

Solo travel: Visit a cooler climate

For those who may want to run away from the heat, well, did you know that there are places to see during our summer that are cold at the same time? Why not book a trip to the south of Argentina while everyone else sweats back home?

Or have you always dreamed of visiting Antarctica? Go ahead and book that trip today! You’ll be sure to have a fabulous experience that you won’t regret. Take time to research when the best time is to travel to these colder places so that you get to experience winter again while everyone back home is experiencing summer. While it may be odd to some if you love your jackets and adore the snow, who’s to judge? Book the best lodging in snow-covered places and enjoy the season for winter beauty all over again.

If you’ve got some time to play with for the summer, then why not plan a beach vacation that you’ll adore? From local beach haunts to destinations that require you to hop on a plane overseas, this world we live in has plenty to see and enjoy. Define the type of vacation that you want to go on and start looking for the ideal destination that will give you just that.

Top photo of Maldives by Johnny Africa/Unsplash

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