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For Canadians, the onset of summer means it’s time to plan your next driving trip. After all, there’s no better way to see the country than at your own pace, to fully appreciate the natural beauty that is Canada – unless you’re sitting on a train, maybe. Still, then, you’re on the schedule of someone else. On this platform we talk a lot about luxury cars. Not much point in doing that if we don’t make recommendations on occasion on where to drive the car to. Edmundston is a great summer time stop if you’re getting out.

Edmundston, New Brunswick, skates right along the U.S. border, with Maine to the south, and right along the Quebec border to the west. Edmundston is the entry point, the gateway to Canada’s east coast region – New Brunswick, then Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island further east, and Newfoundland northeast from there.

When you drive into the region, maybe after taking Highway 401 through Montreal, then jumping on the Trans Canada Highway, east along the St. Lawrence River, then south on Autoroute 85 to Edmundston, you’ll be struck by all the scenic beauty – the region boasts natural landscapes, including the nearby Appalachian Mountains and Saint John River Valley.

Edmundston: Cultural exploration

Summer is a great time to go explore the region, rich in Acadian culture, where you can take in vibrant cultural events, museums and historic sites. Once you get there, settle in for a few days. Park the car and stay at the Auberge MicKy, where you can unwind, maybe get a foot bath. Go have the Surf and Turf at Chantal Steakhouse, and start exploring Edmundston.

Edmundston Nb Janik Robichaud

République Provincial Park

Ever hear of the healing power of nature? During the warmer months, visitors can kayak or take paddle board excursions on the Madawaska River. There also are boat rentals available on site. République Provincial Park is home to a diverse array of wildlife species, including birds, mammals, and aquatic creatures. Being situated next the river, visitors can chill, with access to scenic riverfront views.

Riding the bike circuit on the Petit-Temis Interprovincial Linear Park

Petit-Temis Interprovincial Linear Park connects New Brunswick and Quebec, a famous cycle path that runs 134 kilometres through some of the most beautiful landscapes you’ll find anywhere. Maybe you’re driving a luxury SUV and you’ve loaded on your regular bike or electric bike. Stops are set up all along the gravel trail. There’s also a 60-kilometre track in the area specially built for mountain bike enthusiasts. Make a day of it.

Petit Temis Tourisme Edmundston Hhp Mt Carlton

Nestle in and take in the stars

Without big city lights drowning out the view at night, Edmundston is wonderfully peaceful spot ideal for pulling out some chairs and taking in the light show in the sky. And there are several wonderful opportunities to actually stay in nature to catch a better glimpse. The luxurious domes of Eko Nature Glamping offer you a panoramic view of Lake Baker while the private jacuzzi facilities of Quisibis Dômes invite you to plunge into a deep sleep to the sound of the river which flows a few steps from your cocoon in nature.

Head out onto the water at Lake Baker

The village of Lac Baker, with just over 700 residents, is nestled in between two wooded hills and a mirror-like lake, an ideal spot for a quiet day either on the lake’s shores, relaxing on the municipal beach, or out on the water, pedal boating, paddle boarding or kayaking. Fishing is another option.

Edmundtson Couche De Soleil Janice Iphone

A visit to the Botanical Garden

Before you hop in the car and head further east, check out the Botanical Garden, next to the République Provincial Park, a peaceful oasis and an essential stop when passing through the region. It brings together 12 thematic spaces, including a garden of medicinal and aromatic plants as well as a garden of exotic flowers, in addition to a waterfall and magnificent mosaic cultures. For a bite to eat in a picturesque setting, enjoy the beautiful terrace of Café Flora.

To check out more to do during your stay head here.

Jardin Botanique Du Nb

Botanical Garden

Images: Tourisme Edmundston; top image, Petit-Temis

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