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More and more people are going for forest therapy or nature walks and nature connection guidance tours, for a mixture of meditation, mindfulness, an inner state of relaxation and whole-being restoration, bringing them into a deep connection and present moment relationship with nature. That’s what brings us to Noble County, in the northeast corner of Indiana.

People travel far and wide to come here just for that – the opportunity to escape big cities and turn off technology so one can better reconnect with oneself, families, friends, nature, taking a moment to experience something that allows one to connect with whom they are. We all need to step outside the hyper-connectivity and hustle and bustle of daily life these days.

Why do people come to Noble County? Parks, trails, 117 lakes – it’s a place to come to disconnect and unwind, step back and breathe, ideal for deep pondering moments. Noble County boasts unique attractions such as one of the only perfumeries in the U.S., a state historic site, the only windmill museum located east of the Mississippi River, and an animal sanctuary.

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Water lover’s paradise

Noble County was founded in 1836, named after Indiana’s first U.S. senator, James Noble. Noble County is home to the cities of Kendallville and Ligonier, as well as the towns of Avilla, Cromwell, Rome City, Wolcottville, and the county seat of Albion. There are more than 30 public access sites for those 117 lakes there, plus branches of the Elkhart River, for kayaking, canoeing, fishing, swimming, and other water activities.

Chain O’ Lakes State Park, voted the Best Attraction in Northeast Indiana by locals, has plenty of overnight accommodation options and sources of equipment rentals. Nature enthusiasts will love exploring this park, which features a series of interconnected lakes, offering opportunities for hiking and picnicking. You want serenity? The scenic beauty of the lakes and surrounding woodlands provides a peaceful retreat for visitors. That explains the popularity of it.

The famous 9 Lake Challenge is a paddling adventure that will take you five miles across scenic waterways, through forested channels, to nine connected kettle lakes. Few other opportunities to enjoy the landscape rival this unique boater’s vantage point.

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Nature walks: Tourism trails

People take nature walks to boost immune system function, reduce blood pressure, increase heart rate variability. They’re great for mood stabilization, and faster recovery from illness and surgery. Then there are the positive impacts that come from an overall feeling of peace, wellness, joy and purpose. From that flows better mental clarity, and better work production when you get back to the city.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and there’s no better place to find healing than walking in natural environments. guided to an inner state of relaxation and whole-being restoration, bringing people into deep connection and present moment relationship with nature.

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Noble County offers various trails and parks that encourage “walking in nature” to promote rejuvenation and improved mental well-being. Most of these assets are either free or at a very reduced fee for specific activities and parking.

Examples include the Chain O’ Lakes State Park, Gene Stratton-Porter State Historic Site, Albion Parks, Ligonier Parks, Noble Trails, Strawberry Valley Cultural Trail, Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center, Bixler Lake, and the Mid-America Windmill Museum. Noble County Trails is open every day from dawn to dusk. And there’s so many opportunities to support Noble County’s local patrons and businesses, to enhance your stay.

Explore the summer markets while you are there – local produce, locally-raised meats, eggs, honey and baked goods. It always feels good to support local farmers and food entrepreneurs – Albion Market on the Square at Noble Country Courthouse Square, Kendallville Farmers Market at the Community Learning Center and Rome City Farmers Market at Fancy Flowers & Greenhouse being a few of the popular ones.

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