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Many people often prefer black leather jackets for men over brown ones as black has been a prominent color in fashion the past century. With black being the most prominent color in leather jackets, it might seem confusing how to style a brown leather jacket. But rest assured, this article is the only style guide for leather jacket outfits you need in order to sport a trendy look.

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The standard jacket is the most basic form of leather jacket that you can buy. The biggest advantage when it comes to styling a brown leather jacket outfit is these leather jackets work with any and everything. They are minimalistic and have the ability to blend with anything you wear.

Men today have great variety and limitless options to choose from when it comes to men’s brown leather jackets. Finding the perfect style is not a problem.

Origin of brown leather jacket

The origin of men’s brown leather jackets traces back to military wear. It is considerably older than the black leather jacket as it was used in WWII. Aviators wore these to protect themselves from the extreme cold temperature in the cockpit. As of now, brown leather jackets are considered an iconic style.

There are various ways to style a brown leather jacket due to its significant longevity and features.

What to wear with a brown leather jacket?

The options for a brown jacket outfit are limitless and when it comes to styling brown leather jackets, almost anything goes! We have curated a list of how to wear your brown leather jacket in a way that can not only make you look stylish but also presentable.

The best choice for casual menswear style is definitely a brown leather jacket paired with either blue or black ripped jeans. This ensemble puts emphasis on your leather jacket. If your jacket has a more earthy brown or neutral shade, go for blue or grey coloured jeans.If your jacket is dark or a distressed brown jacket, opting for black jeans will give you a more urban look.

Furthermore, to elevate your light brown leather jackets mens fashion look you can add brown boots and black glasses for a more dashing appearance. In this way, you have a fantastic outfit for outdoor and casual events with less time spent on choosing your outfit and excellent results.

Brown Leather Jacket 2

Brown leather jacket for men with a white shirt

Combining a brown leather jacket with a white shirt will not only elevate your look but will also give you a more clean look. This look is perfect for office and work environments. In the colder season, make sure to layer with a cardigan or knitwear to add comfort as well as style. The only key point here is to make sure that your jacket is not too long.

Brown Leather Jacket 3

Brown leather jacket with T-shirt

Brown leather jackets go extremely well with T-shirts due to their casual aesthetic. Pair any tee in your wardrobe with a jacket. You won’t be disappointed with the result. Band shirts, logo tees as well as go-to colors such as blue, grey or white all compliment the brown outerwear and will give you a dashing look. V-necks and scoop necks are the most preferred choice but henley shirts are fine too.

Brown Leather Jacket 4

Brown leather jacket with turtleneck

Up until now, we have only looked at casual and business casual looks. A turtleneck paired with a leather jacket is a remedy for formal events, you just have to tuck in your turtleneck and you’re good to go. A trucker jacket or a suede one is especially recommended for this look as it is a distinct style.

Brown Leather Jacket 5 Copy

The best brown leather jackets

The above-mentioned looks will be incomplete without the perfect brown leather jacket. We have curated a list of favorites, from which you can choose your style.

Dean brown leather biker jacket

First of all we have the Dean brown leather jacket as it exudes style from every fiber of its being. This particular shade of brown goes well with jeans of every color. With its cow-hide leather, pull up finish, zipper cuffs and a collar with band and snap button, this jacket gives off a modern biker aesthetic.

Brown Leather Jacket 6 Copy

Inferno brown leather jacket

Next up we have the Inferno brown leather jacket. This jacket is made with sheepskin and has a clean front and perfect finish. Its uniqueness lies in its brown color and design. With its shirt collar style and open hem cuffs, this jacket is perfect for business casual looks. Pairing this jacket with a white shirt and tie will give you a masculine look for office.

Brown Leather Jacket 7 Copy

Sheriff brown suede jacket

This fresh colored suede brown jacket is the perfect choice for cold season because of its faux fur lining, high neck and lengthy design. Made exclusively from goatskin leather and manufactured into high quality suede, this jacket is a fashion statement all on its own.

Due to its color and suede finish, it goes well with blue jeans and any neutral color shirt as well as a pair of brown leather boots.

Brown Leather Jacket 8 Copy

Aaron brown leather bomber jacket

The Aaron brown bomber is a vintage style that gives off an old school classic vibe. This design is very similar to the popular bomber jacket that has been around since forever. Made with real goatskin leather and a rub-off finish, this jacket gives off a professional look that can be pulled off with a turtleneck in formal events as well as casual ones.

Leather jackets are a wardrobe essential. They’re a clothing item that are worth investing in, and given the variety of men’s leather jackets, brown jackets are becoming more and more popular. Their versatility, durability and timeless style are some of the features why they are preferred over countless other options. There are unlimited options for every individual’s distinct taste and choice and at the end, it all depends on how you can make your personality and individuality stand out with the perfect brown jacket.

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