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Winter is fast approaching and, for men, it can be difficult to know how to look your best when you’re trying to keep warm during the cold season. Styling a winter look can be difficult. Most of us hide beneath bulky layers, hoods, and thick hats. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. When it comes to winter fashion, with the right tact and a little finesse, it can be easy to look your best even during the coldest of conditions.

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It can be difficult transitioning from the cool comfort of your summer style to the warm, layered, approach of winter. It isn’t easy giving up shorts for sweats and pants. Not to mention that dealing with the change of weather often goes beyond just the clothes. If you’re someone who has trouble with your winter style then continue reading for helpful tips that are sure to have you looking your best all winter long.

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Step 1: Spruce up Your Grooming Routine

With the winter months comes dry air. Most men seem to ignore the fact that a change in season dictates a change in grooming. Dry air affects your skin and hair, so it’s important to adjust your grooming routine to reflect your body’s needs.

Cold air draws moisture from the skin leaving it dry and, oftentimes, itchy. Be sure to care for your skin by moisturizing this winter as this will help combat the dry conditions, leaving your skin looking as healthy as it did all summer.

Caring for your hair is critical during the winter months. Just like your skin, the dry winter air leaves little moisture for your hair to retain its healthy sheen, and for those of us with longer hair, it leaves us susceptible to split ends. By using a hydrating hair mask you can help prevent damage while standing out amongst those who have given in to the winter dullness.

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Step 2: Try Something Different

The winter months are a great time to try something different with your look to stand out and look your best. Navy blues, blacks, and grays dominate the streets during this time of year. Clash against the winter crowd with something bright and loud. Splash a colorful tie into your look, or a pair of bright weatherproofed boots. A color change can be exactly what your wardrobe needs to reach its full potential.

The winter months are also a great time to try new hairstyles. As the cold air causes hair growth to slow, you can take the extra time to decide if the style is right for you. Whether you want to try a classic and sleek hairstyle or if you want to add a splash of blue, a change in style can be exactly what you need to look your best all winter long.

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Step 3: Stand Out With Subtlety

Color isn’t the only thing that can help you stand out during the gray months of the year. You can stand out, even in a crowded room, with a few simple tweaks to your wardrobe. By adding in or swapping out a few accessories you can turn a basic winter wardrobe into a luxurious one. 

When we think of style we often overlook the small changes, however, a minor change can make a big difference in a wardrobe’s finish. Accessories are key components that can help enhance our wardrobe and overall look. Consider complimenting your winter style with a luxury watch or leather belt for a more polished look. Choose one that blends well with your wardrobe’s color, yet is noticeable at first glance.

If you’re someone who wears eyewear, try switching it up for the season. There are many types of contact lenses and unique shaped frames that can serve to support your winter style in addition to your eye health. Plus, changes made around our faces are usually the most recognized and often the most complimented.

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Step 4: Layer Up

The most important thing to every winter style is layers. It’s impossible to leave the house without a jacket during the cold months, and, sometimes, a single jacket isn’t enough to beat the wind. That’s why it’s important to abide by a 3 layer rule. By dressing with 3 layers you are prepared for almost every temperate condition you may come across during your winter ventures while maintaining a sense of style. Whether it be a mild winter day or if you happen to turn down a windy side street, you’ll be warm and protected from the chill while looking your best.

Your outer layer should be warm, yet stylish. Invest in a coat that isn’t bulky, and is made with durable material like a peacoat or an overcoat, depending on your need. Overcoats and peacoats look great for almost any occasion and are sure to keep you warm against the winter wind.

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Winter fashion: Outer layer should be warm, yet stylish

Next, your mid-layer. This should be a thin sweater or sweater vest that will keep you warm when indoors, especially when those doors are constantly being opened, letting in cold winter gusts. Preppy, rugged, or somewhere in between a mid-layer sweater is key to pulling off a layered look.

Lastly, your base layer. Consider something with a collar. Not only will it complement the rest of your look, but it will help against any small chill. And, in case your host has the heat cranked up, having a stylish base will help you remain cool and confident when the time comes to shed a layer or two.

Transitioning from the comfort of summer style to warm winter layers can be difficult, but by following these easy steps you can head into the winter months confident you look your best.

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