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Another year is upon us which means a whole new set of mens fashion trends to look forward to this year. If you are not already up to speed with this, then you are in the right place, if you need some guidance on what is going to be hot and what is not for 2022.

Bright colours to make a statement

Mens Fashion Trends Colour Pitti Uomo

Image source: Pitti Uomo

Black and white is of course a staple pairing but time to put this aside for the time being and take a trip down back into the 80’s with bold, neon, psychedelic colours. What better way to start 2022 then by creating a bold statement with a splash of lively, vibrant colours to your outfit.

Men’s fashion trends: The leather look

A timeless piece, you can’t go wrong with a good quality leather jacket when you want to opt for more of a smart casual look. Paired with a knitted jumper, some dark denim and loafers you can look instantly smart when stepping outdoors. Or if you want to move away from a leather jacket, there are always leather trousers, leather accessories or a full on leather look this Spring/Summer if you really want to be bold.

Mens Fashion Trends Leather Pitti Uomo

Image source: Pitti Uomo

Flared trousers

If you want to create a look reminiscent of the 70’s then flared trousers are the way to go. Whether it is with your denim when you want a more casual look or your checked wool trousers, the flared trouser is most certainly making a comeback this year.

Mens Fashion Trends Flared Trousers Pitti Uomo

Image source: Pitti Uomo

Men’s fashion trends: The Cardi coat

When the weather is chilly but not cold enough for a jacket or coat then you want to have a cardi coat instead. Designers have come up with the cardigan look that acts as a light coat as well, so if you haven’t yet got one chances are you will want to add this to your list to complete your smart casual look for 2022.

Mens Fashion Trends Leather Cardi Pitti Uomo

Image source: Pitti Uomo

Mens Fashion Trends Cardi Sweater Pitti Uomo

Image source: Pitti Uomo

Top accessory: The luxury watch

Your look is not going to be complete without a good quality watch to help you keep track of your day. If you do already have one lying around at home somewhere that is in need of a Fast-Fix repair, then best to get this sorted as soon as possible. Otherwise there are some vibrant options with several designers if you want to add a bit of color to your staple accessory as opposed to the traditional black and silver options.

Omega Speedmaster Calibre 321 6

Image: Omega

Another vital accessory: Glasses

There was a time when people were very self conscious about wearing glasses and would rather opt for contact lenses when out and about. But now if you are not seen to be wearing glasses then you are certainly not up to speed with the latest trends. So whether it is a traditional square framed pair or a bold vibrant pair, don’t be afraid to wear yours.


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