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There is nothing finer than taking to the waves in a yacht of your own. Unless you count docking on the shores of a luxury getaway resort. It’s no surprise, especially in these pandemic times, that so many of us are happy to set sail and take to the open seas. Of course, perfection is always just beyond the horizon. And the moment you feel like it’s within reach there’s always something that takes it that little bit further away.

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While the perfect trip may be an unattainable dream, there are of course always ways that you can make things a little more special. And even if you’re happy with your current boat, there are definitely additions you can make to improve the experience. Below we will look at a few of those potential additions, enhancing your days on the waves with a little investment. Some of these investments will, of course, be less “little” than others, but let’s take them one at a time.

A state-of-the-art cooler

When you moor your yacht somewhere idyllic, thoughts will quickly turn to getting ashore and enjoying the amenities at your destination. A nice meal while the sun sets, a cocktail or two and the sounds of the local nightlife as your background. That’s always nice.

But there is no reason fun needs to wait for you to step ashore. A well-stocked, capacious and durable cooler is a must for any luxury yacht. Be sure to pick one that is UV- and heat-resistant, as there’s not much shade out on the open seas.

A new motor

A boat’s engine may not get used as often as one in a car, but it goes through more rough treatment. You can’t rely on perfect performance from your craft in perpetuity. A new motor is a big undertaking. But as technology improves, a purchase from a specialist such as Volvo Penta can pay for itself very quickly.

You’ll also find that your trip times improve substantially, meaning you can spend more time moored in the destination of your dreams.

An advanced chartplotter

When you’re out at sea, you can’t very easily pull over and ask for directions, and there is a definite lack of road signs to keep you on track. So a proper chartplotter is an essential part of your setup.

The newest models will help you stick to the right path. It’s a helpful addition for those who want to weigh anchor and spend some time fishing. They also include fish-finding features that give you the best chance of putting a hefty catch into that cooler we recommended a few paragraphs ago.

A handy fire-extinguishing device

While there are many things you can add to make your trips faster, more fluent and fun, there’s a fourth “F” to keep in mind. While boat fires are rare – and you’re surrounded by water – you do need to be ready for rare emergencies.

A fire-extinguishing ball that can be thrown or rolled into any flames is a worthwhile addition to your existing kit. They can be deployed faster than a standard extinguisher and deposit a non-toxic powder that will suppress flames. Do keep a fire extinguisher aboard in addition – you can’t be too safe!. But a more immediate device is always worth having around.

Top image: Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, J. Christopher

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