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If you are in a position in your life where you want to pop the question to someone you love, the best thing that you can do is be ethical in your choices. If you want to buy diamonds you want to know that they have been sourced ethically. And you want to know that you are giving an amazing, wholesome gift to the person you love.

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Ethical diamond engagement rings are the best option if you want to get engaged because of the fact that diamonds have a history of conflict. Mining precious metals is hard on the planet and hard on communities to the point that there is often conflict in the miners circles, too.

You want to make the best possible choices for your future. And ethical engagement rings are the best choice, from places like Brilliant Earth. Choose a company that is sensitive to political and worker issues. That means always being aware of the companies that you choose when you shop. So, if you want to get engaged, do it ethically.

They’re conflict free

Ethical engagement rings are free from human rights abuse and issues surrounding mining agencies taking advantage of workers. When you choose the right jewelry company, you are choosing one that invests in a system that monitors the rights of the workers, their wages and that don’t invest in child labor. That is unfortunately still prevalent in mining.

They’re good for the environment

Ethical engagement rings are made and sold by companies that take full responsibility for the safety of the environment. Researching companies and not just buying pretty rings is the smart thing to do.

You’re in love

If you want another good reason for your partner to respect you, choosing engagement rings created by a company that cares is a good way to go! This is especially important if you want to be able to tell the story behind the ring with love and affection. You’re in love, and you want to show that you know what it means to love well, too.

Fair labor

Ethical engagement ring makers will choose their materials from companies that offer fair wages to their workers. They adhere to the fair labor working practices. These can build trust between the miners and the mining companies, and more.

You’re going to support a smaller business

Most of the companies that engage in ethical jewelry creation are those that offer the best to others. You can support a business that recycles their metals and works to do better for the community and the environment.

Getting engaged is one of the central moments of your life. Ensuring that you look into the companies that create the jewelry for you will mean that you have a solid reason to feel good about the jewelry that you buy. Good luck with the setting and the engagement – you deserve to feel good about it.

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