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What are the interior trends for 2023, to help boost the value of your real estate investment? A thoughtfully designed interior creates a positive first impression for buyers or renters. A space that is visually appealing – materials, color schemes, furnishings – positively influences the perceived value of the property.

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Features like custom-built cabinets, architectural details, and other distinctive features makes the property more memorable. Since it’s about functionality and lifestyle, features like a well-designed home office, modern kitchen, and a luxurious bathroom attracts buyers. Incorporating energy-efficient features and sustainable design practices into the interior can appeal to environmentally conscious buyers.

So what are those six interior design trends?

Interior design trends 2023: Laundry room

The demand for spacious and exquisitely designed laundry rooms is soaring among our esteemed clients. They seek elevated setups that go beyond regular-sized washers and dryers. Many are interested in incorporating an additional European-sized washer, particularly the esteemed Miele brand, to cater to delicate clothing needs.

Alongside this, sought-after features like the Samsung Air Dresser, LG Styler Steam Closet, and Miele’s rotary iron are part of their wish list. Our laundry room designs also consider convenience with a doggie shower, two sinks for handwashing and house cleaning, and dedicated hanging space for energy-efficient air drying, promoting clothing longevity and energy savings. We focus on functionality and organization, providing extra storage, well-designed ironing cabinets, and convenient laundry sorting drawers.

Moreover, we understand the importance of enhancing daily living convenience. As a result, we are now frequently adding small sets of European-sized washers/dryers (24” x 24” x 24”) in the primary ensuite, enriching every aspect of our client’s lifestyles.

Laundry Room 2
Laundry Room

Wine cellar

We have had the pleasure of catering to a diverse range of clients, each with a unique vision for the ideal entertainment spaces within their homes. Some have expressed a profound passion for wine culture and desired to devote a substantial portion of their basement, as exemplified in some of our notable projects like the Golf Villa and JHAxPR1, to craft an exquisite wine cellar, tasteful tasting room, and a sophisticated bar.

Both wine cellars in the two projects also host a professional-grade cooling and moisture control system, ensuring the valuable collections are optimal. Conversely, others sought a more intimate display for their cherished wine collection, as seen in the elegant yet compact space showcased in W 33.

From ingeniously incorporating a stylish bar and wine fridge within the heart of the rec room to crafting a captivating bar within the available space, transforming it into a dedicated haven for the client’s extensive gin collection, we are seeing a surging interest from our clients to incorporate a wine cellar or a bar in their homes.

Wine Cellar 6
Wine Cellar 2
Wine Cellar 3
Wine Cellar
Wine Cellar 4

Clients now seek extraordinary setups, including large projection screens, precisely calibrated surround sound systems, and luxurious theatre-style seating. The primary objective is to create an authentic cinematic ambiance through meticulous details like dramatic lighting and sound-proof padded walls.

Joy Chao

Interior designer

Interior design trends 2023: Theatre room

In this era of remarkable technological advancements, the demand for dedicated home theatres has surged significantly, fueled by the availability of cutting-edge services like streaming platforms and Kaleidescape, which offer an unparalleled movie experience right at home. Clients now seek extraordinary setups, including large projection screens, precisely calibrated surround sound systems, and luxurious theatre-style seating. The primary objective is to create an authentic cinematic ambiance through meticulous details like dramatic lighting and sound-proof padded walls.

These bespoke home theatre spaces serve versatile purposes beyond traditional cinema. They cater to the entertainment preferences of the entire family, transforming into ultimate gaming havens with captivating soundscapes and immersive adventures on the big screen. Additionally, the room doubles as an infectious karaoke oasis, allowing family and friends to enjoy musical talents without disturbing the household’s tranquillity.

In essence, these meticulously designed home theatres merge cutting-edge technology with personalized luxury, delivering an unmatched entertainment experience.

Theatre Room 3
Theatre Room 4
Theatre Room 2

Home spa

The trend of standard home spas is rapidly gaining popularity, providing an array of enticing features such as rain head showers, invigorating body sprays, and soothing steam showers. Embracing the concept of relaxation and well-being, these home spas also feature state-of-the-art infra-red saunas, elevating the overall experience to new heights.

Designed with practicality in mind, these spa setups cater to the needs of modern families, accommodating multiple members simultaneously. Each individual can indulge in their preferred spa area, creating a harmonious balance of personal wellness within the home sanctuary.

Moreover, recognizing the importance of professional massage therapy, these home spas often incorporate a dedicated space for RMT (Registered Massage Therapist) home visits. This thoughtful addition allows for expert massage treatments, further enhancing the rejuvenating possibilities of the home spa experience.

Home Spa

Home gym

In close proximity to the home spa, a well-appointed home gym is a trend we’re continuously seeing from clients, offering an ideal complement to a holistic wellness experience. The gym’s size and features are being tailored to suit individual preferences and fitness goals, accommodating a range of exercise routines. For those seeking a compact yet versatile workout space, we include essentials such as a spin cycle, yoga mat, dumbbells, and resistance bands. This setup allows invigorating cardio and strength training exercises without compromising space efficiency.

Alternatively, a purposeful design may incorporate a reinforced concrete wall for enthusiasts seeking more intensive training options, providing a sturdy foundation for heavier-weight training equipment. This setup caters to weightlifting enthusiasts, empowering them to pursue their fitness aspirations without leaving the comfort of their homes.

From a Pilates reformer thoughtfully integrated into the gym space to the addition of a ballet wall barre, the home gym serves as an intimate retreat for physical well-being, tailored to individual preferences and designed to support diverse fitness journeys. We are seeing that more clients are customizing the space based on their personal interests and needs.

Home Gym
Home Gym 4
Home Gym 2
Theatre Room

His & Her Closet (or his/his, her/her closet)

As the pursuit of luxurious living continues, the primary suite has evolved into a haven of luxury, and clients are taking their closets to the next level. Among its exceptional and luxury features, walk-in closets stand out, exquisitely designed with European-inspired closet organizers. These organizers boast well-lit shelves, hanging rods, and specialized jewelry drawers, adding a touch of elegance and convenience to the storage experience.

Furthermore, when space permits, a thoughtful touch is introduced to enhance personal comfort – individual closet spaces are provided for each partner. This harmonious arrangement ensures that both partners have their designated and personalized areas perfectly tailored to their unique preferences and storage needs.

Joy Chao, Lead Interior Designer, JHA™

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