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Design trends are the pulse of the interior world, morphing with the generations and shaping the very spaces we live and breathe in. They’re powerful, reflecting societal shifts; technological advancements; and our human desires for beauty, functionality, and connection. We’ll discuss the popular interior design trends worth trying in your home.

Biophilic design

The biophilic design trend champions the innate human tendency to connect with nature and integrate natural elements within the built environment. It’s a design directive that acknowledges the emotional benefits we incur when natural elements are present in our spaces. Those elements could be patterns that mimic the fractal geometry in nature or the actual presence of greenery.

Incorporate large, leafy plants into your living spaces. It’s the easiest way to make a big impact with this trend. Natural light is crucial for biophilic design, so consider your window treatments carefully. Natural wood furniture, bamboo accents, and stone elements also work wonderfully to foster a sense of the outdoors.

Interior design: Sustainable materials

Sustainability isn’t just a trend; it’s a way of life. With interior design, the shift toward eco-friendly materials is gaining momentum, bringing in a wave of innovation that’s both good for the planet and your home.

When redecorating or building, opt for renewable, recyclable, or biodegradable materials. Consider using reclaimed wood for a unique, environmentally friendly option. Products like recycled glass countertops, bamboo flooring, and natural fabrics also exemplify this eco-conscious trend.

Floating shelves

Installing floating shelves is a sleek, minimalist way to store and display items without the need for bulky, space-hogging furniture. They offer the perfect opportunity to transform any wall into a work of functional art.

To nail this trend in your home, you must know how to style a cohesive wall with floating shelves. Ensure the shelves are at an appropriate height and distance from one another. Use them as a platform for decorative items—think vases, books, or sculptures—or as a sophisticated way to store everyday items.

Irregular rugs

Irregularly shaped rugs shake up the rectangular norm and add a dash of playfulness to interior spaces. You can use them to create a focal point or define a zone within a room.

These aren’t your cookie-cutter rugs. Irregular shapes open a world of opportunities for fun and unique placement. A boho-inspired, organic-form rug can work well with a round coffee table, uniting the room’s elements with fluid lines. In a space lacking intrigue, an irregular rug can be the standout element.

Experiment with these popular interior design trends to try in your home as a jumping-off point to create a space that’s current and uniquely yours. Trends are fantastic guidelines, but the real magic happens when you infuse them with your personality and tastes. Engage with these trends, play with them, and watch as your home transforms into the sanctuary you’ve always wanted.

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