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What makes your home an extension of you? For many people, that means making their home as comfortable as possible with lots of engulfing sofas and chairs. For others, they would feel more at home in an uncluttered, minimalist space. The point is that your house should reflect who you are as a person. After all, this is where you live your life, where you feel most comfortable, relax and spend your time away from work. When you design your home, that should be reflected.

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Of course, the amount of choice on offer can be overwhelming, so keep it simple by focusing on practical design elements and uplift it with some luscious houseplants. With over 8.1 million houseplants sold last year in the UK alone, they’ve become a household staple and provide life in every home, no matter the vibe.

Design your home: Modernity

Modern designs are often associated with extroverted individuals who are the life and soul of the party. Therefore, homes should reflect this with high energy décor, plenty of communal spaces, and interior design that makes entertaining easy and fun.

Think warm neutrals juxtaposed with eye-catching art and high-impact pieces of furniture that function as a talking point. The bolder the better; modern art will certainly be at home here.

Design Your Home

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Minimalism is the mark of a conscientious, highly organised individual. This is where clean lines create a satisfying symmetry, where every piece of furniture and furnishing, such as a tailored fitted wardrobe has a hidden second function, and where light colours create an endless sense of space.

Minimalism is based on productivity, meaning that there are no pieces or décor elements that have no function. It might not be heaving with patterns and nik naks, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t full of personality too.

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Traditional design

Traditionalists are often associated with agreeableness, creating spaces that everyone will enjoy. But that doesn’t mean that the space can’t pack a punch; with bold patterns from traditional aesthetics, traditionalists can create a bold and beautiful home that is timeless and familiar to all.

From antique furniture to velvet-upholstered chairs, worn leather and dark woods, create an irresistible feeling of home that everyone will fall in love with.

Coastal design

Those who experience high levels of anxiety and stress will want their homes to be a calm sanctuary. That’s where coastal design comes in. Soothing and stimulating at the same time, take inspiration from Mediterranean villas with beach-coloured furniture and plenty of natural textures like wicker, rattan, and linen.

Neutral shades and houseplants also add to the sense of calm. Avoid obstructing your windows to welcome the light into your indoor spaces and give your plants every chance to thrive.

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