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Summer wedding season is upon us. Whether you want a lavish ceremony or something small and intimate, there is a lot to think about before you and your partner walk down the aisle.

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And working out what you want your wedding to look like can be expensive. Weddings were around £18,400 ($30,000 CAD) in 2022. While this isn’t quite as much as the pre-pandemic days when that figure was over £20,000 ($33,600 CAD), it’s still a lot of money for one day – especially when we’re in a cost-of living crisis.

Summer wedding: Focus on colour

As a starting point, why not focus on colour? By beginning with a colour scheme, you can work out how you want your day to look. It can also help you to source the essentials that meet your budget as you can narrow your search by shade and tone.

If you’re planning to marry in 2023, you can try tapping into the trending tones that are set to be popular this year.

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How the colour palette can help

Every colour goes with a diamond engagement ring. But the colour scheme can be hugely influential across other parts of the day.

So, once you’ve decided on the shades you want, you can then go on to select the outfits your bridesmaids and groomsmen wear. It can also help you choose flowers and décor for the reception room. Everything from chair backs to napkins can be made to match your colours.

Here are some of the colours that will be big this summer wedding season.


Neutrals are not only easy colours to source, but they’re incredibly popular this year. Creige – a combination of cream and beige – is a fresh take on the grey and beige (greige) that we’ve seen in recent years. It’s also there to complement brighter tones.

From nudes and taupe to rich champagne colours, these are a gorgeous choice that work in a range of settings, from traditional church weddings to quirky events.


Natural green tones are also a major trend this year. Sage has been popular for a while and this gentle tone lends itself perfectly to an elegant wedding ceremony.

However, emerald tones are equally stylish and contrast wonderfully with the warmer neutrals that are also trending. Olive green has also been everywhere this year, gracing home décor and catwalks. In fact, this shade was sent down the runway at Victoria Beckham and Alberta Ferretti recently.


Vibrant, cobalt blue looks spectacular and is sure to create a memorable day for the happy couple and guests alike. But richer indigo shades are just as captivating and work well with light neutral tones or even vibrant orange hues.

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Soft pink

Blush tones are everywhere this wedding season. Rosy colours look beautiful set against rich champagne shades or as a standalone hue. You might opt to offset these gentle pinks with vibrant Viva Magenta highlights. This is Pantone’s Colour of the Year and is a fun pop of pink among muted rose tones.

What colour will you choose for your special day?

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