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Choosing the right wedding guest accessories is the secret to elevating an otherwise standard outfit. The accessories that you wear to a wedding will depend on the dress code and theme. For the most formal of weddings, it’s best to stick to subtle, standard accessories. If it’s a nontraditional ceremony, then you have more options for styling your outfit.

Accessory No. 1: Luxury watch

One of your favorite parts of dressing up for the couple’s big day is probably the luxury watch that you have an opportunity to wear. After you have chosen the watch you want to wear, match the other metals in your outfit to the metal of your watch. Pay attention to your belt buckle, tie clip, cuff links, and any other metal accessories. Your outfit will look more put together this way.

You could choose a mens two-tone Rolex for more flexibility in the colors you’re wearing. Most of these two-tone Rolex watches combine stainless steel and yellow gold or stainless steel and rose gold. The Oyster Perpetual, a men’s Rolex watch with a single-tone look, is suitable for attending a wedding. Slim watches pair best with tuxedos and shirts with French cuffs.

A Cartier watch is another suitable option for your wedding guest outfit. Watches from this fashion house are classy with stunning designs.

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Accessory No. 2: Lapel pin

With so many lapel pin designs, you can let your personality shine with this accessory. You can also match it to the wedding’s theme. For a fall wedding, you might choose a leaf-shaped lapel pin. Check with the groom to know what type of pins they and the groomsmen will wear to avoid using the same style.

Lapel pins may be made of all metal, or they could include other materials, such as satin, silk, cotton, or linen. Flower-shaped lapel pins are a common choice for weddings. You can find them in every color of the rainbow to complement your outfit and show your personality.

Some lapel pins are made of wood, which may match a country-themed wedding or an atmosphere that’s more on the informal side. Another option is a jacket chain. You can find different styles of jacket chains that elevate your outfit, including those that have a gemstone or an engraved design on each end. Some display your initial on one end. Another jacket chain design suitable for weddings is one that has a flower on one side.

Accessory No. 3: Cuff links

If you’re attending a formal wedding, then cuff links are an appropriate accessory. You could also wear them for a casual wedding. Be aware that your dress shirt needs to have French cuffs if you plan on using cuff links. A tailor could adjust your dress shirt to add French cuffs.

For a traditional look, wear French or single-barrel cuff links. Once the cuffs are fastened, they should curve outward. Traditional cuff links are either smooth or square. They should be made of metal or mother of pearl as well. If you have more creative freedom, there are additional fun designs to choose from that reflect your personality.

Types of cuff links

  • Fixed bar. Fixed bar cuffs aren’t adjustable. You just insert them into the holes on your cuffs. One side is usually bigger than the other, making it easy to know which side is the back. They’re the easiest type of cuff links to put on.
  • Whaleback. Whaleback cuff links have thick adjustable bars that rotate 90 degrees. Rotate the bar vertically to put them on, then rotate the bar horizontally to secure them in place.
  • Knot. Knot cuff links use a fabric rope in between the heads. The fabric is usually silk, but other materials are sometimes used. They come in any color you could want. Some have more than one color.
  • Chain. Chain cuffs provide a looser fit because the connecting components between the two ends are flexible chains. They were popular in the 1930s.
  • Ball return. Ball return cuffs are a type of fixed bar cuffs. They feature decorative ball ends and a fixed bar between the front and back. The backs are usually not decorative.
  • Snap. Most cuff links need to be attached after you have put on your shirt. Snap cuffs, however, can be connected before you put on your shirt. This type was popular in the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s.
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Accessory No. 4: Pocket square

Instead of matching your pocket square to your tie or bow tie, it’s better to choose a different but complementary color. Pocket squares also elevate your outfit when they are made of a different material than your jacket. When you place a square inside your pocket, make sure it doesn’t bulge. Choose a pocket square that’s the right size for your jacket, and fold it correctly.

How do you fold a pocket square?

There are many different ways of folding pocket squares. Here are some of the ideas:

  • Presidential fold. A presidential fold is the standard style with the pocket square forming a neat rectangle. It’s suitable for formal events.
  • Three-stairs fold. The three-stairs fold displays three overlapping triangles. You can use this style for black-tie events.
  • Fan fold. In casual atmospheres, you can use a fan fold. The fan fold is especially stylish for pocket squares in bright colors. You’ll need to use a rubber band to create a fan fold.
  • Inception fold. The inception fold resembles tulip petals and can be used for either formal or casual settings. A solid color pocket square with a contrasting edge provides a unique look. You could use solid colors as well. A stiffer material is ideal to create sharper peaks.
  • Three-petal fold. Stiff fabrics also work well for a three-petal fold. You can use either printed or solid colors for this one.
  • Scallop fold. A scallop fold resembles a rose tucked into your pocket. As with the three-petal fold, printed and solid colors can elevate your outfit.
  • Twisted rose fold. A more elaborate rose design is the twisted rose fold. It looks best with red fabric, but you could use other solid colors.
  • Three-pointed crown fold. Three-pointed crown folds are great for double-breasted jackets. Pocket squares in solid colors are best for this style.

Accessories, while seemingly minor, make the difference in an outfit that sets you apart from the other guests. You can have fun reflecting your personal style with the accessories you use.

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