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You do not need to be a business expert to see that sustainability is a major trend in 2023. A study revealed that 80% of US companies have sustainability initiatives in place to reduce their impact on the environment.

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There is increasing pressure on businesses and those that are becoming sustainable are finding that it can help to improve their reputation with 80% of consumers indicating that sustainability is important to them.

So, what are some of the best ways to make your business more efficient?

Sourcing materials

To become a sustainable business, you need to think beyond your operation. You should think about where you source your materials from and find green (and ideally local) suppliers. In addition to sourcing green materials, you also need to recycle as much as possible to prevent waste.

Sustainable businesses: Remote work

One of the best ways to make your business more sustainable is to offer remote work. Remote work has become a major trend since the pandemic and can benefit the business in many ways, including energy efficiency.

This is because you do not have staff coming in and using energy each day, which means that you can make significant cost savings with this approach. It also means that there are fewer cars on the road, which will reduce emissions related to your business.

Energy saving tech

You should also think about the tech that you use and opt for energy-saving appliances. You can use internal machines and tools for energy saving and use current transformers to reduce an existing electric current. It is worth investing in solar panels for your business as this can slash your energy usage and will help you to make significant long-term savings.

Green web hosting

Every business needs a high-quality website, but the servers on that the website data is hosted can use a tremendous amount of energy. Fortunately, you can find green web hosting companies that offset their usage and this is a smart way to make your business more sustainable.

Become B Corp

B Corp is a certification awarded to businesses that meet high standards on societal and environmental performance. A global nonprofit organization can certify a business every two years and this allows you to join a network of other businesses so that you can receive expert advice and grow your professional network.

These are a few of the best ways to make your business more efficient in 2023. All businesses need to implement sustainability initiatives to reduce environmental impact also to appeal to today’s eco-aware consumers. Becoming more sustainable can bring a range of benefits to your business and provides peace of mind knowing that you are doing your part.

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