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Yves Saint Laurent famously said, “Fashion comes and goes, but style is forever”. There is a certain element of truth in that. Despite the allure of seasonal trends and street style looks, nothing can compete with the prowess of wardrobe classics. Think: a tailored striped shirt, a black tuxedo, the iconic white tee + blue jeans combo… the list is long.

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To ensure you pick dapper outfits no matter what occasion, we’ve curated a list of seven celebrities whose style statement is as strong as it is worthy of being emulated. And the best part? These outfits are timeless and seasonless – you can never go wrong with it.

From Brad Pitt and his take on tonal dressing to George Clooney’s quintessentially classic approach, here are seven best-dressed celebrities whose sartorial skills will serve as a heavy dose of inspiration for years to come.

Brad Pitt on tonal dressing

The American actor’s take on monochrome dressing is one for the books. Brad Pitt is not afraid to experiment, and it’s evident from both his red carpet looks and his choice for everyday wear. Want to take a leaf out of Pitt’s style guide? Try out tone-on-tone dressing by wearing the same colour family from head-to-toe. Here, the actor tries it with two timeless hues: beige and white.

Vincent Cassel on white shirts

The combination of a white shirt + blue jeans is failproof, and Vincent Cassel gets that. But the French actor doesn’t limit himself to that—he’s also teamed his white shirt with beige trousers and matching slip-on shoes for the perfect neutral-hued outfit. Minimal and classic, this look will never go out of style. Who’s in?

George Clooney on striped shirts

Yet another wardrobe staple is the striped shirt, clearly a favourite of George Clooney. The actor co-starred with Brad Pitt in Ocean’s Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen movies. On both occasions, the American actor styles his pencil-striped shirt in the same manner: tucked in with a light-coloured belted trouser, accessorized with a statement timepiece. Finish it off with Derby shoes and you have the perfect outfit for an evening dinner.

David Beckham on corduroy pants

The ‘70s favourite fabric has remained a classic through the decades, and there’s a good reason behind it – they’re reasonably lightweight and undeniably warm. Take style cues from David Beckham, who wears corduroy pants in both formal and semi-formal ways: teamed with a shirt, tie, sweater and blazer, as well as a relaxed knitted cardigan. Also note his bold approach towards the latter where he contrasts a dull green cardigan with dark brown corduroy pants.

Leonardo DiCaprio on black tuxedos

“When in doubt, opt for a black tuxedo” seems to be Leonardo DiCaprio’s mantra when it comes to formal wear (pictured above next to Brad Pitt). The actor and environmental activist effortlessly pulls it off every single time with a white shirt, black satin tie, a tailored blazer and trouser set. Definitely a must-have in every man’s wardrobe!

Daniel Craig on coordinated suits

From pin-striped to checked suits, there’s no variation the 007 agent hasn’t given a try. Always suited up, Daniel Craig leaves zero room for improvement—his suits are coordinated in colour; his tie has its lapel pin; the chest pocket has its handkerchief. Notice how his tie contrasts his suit’s colour and pattern (he pairs a diagonally-striped tie with a pin-striped suit). Also, take notes from his willingness to try different blazer styles. Here, he wears a two-button single-breasted blazer and a six-button double-breasted blazer. Which one is your favourite?

Don Cheadle on T-shirts

Slogan tee? Check. Graphic tee? Check. American actor Don Cheadle (who has also worked with Brad Pitt and George Clooney) has given all T-shirt styles a try, and we don’t see why not. Comfortable and easy-to-wear, T-shirts deserve space in every man’s wardrobe. They’re the ideal component of a normcore outfit—team it with a pair of jeans and sneakers to nail the look. Borrow sartorial inspiration from Cheadle by layering your favourite tee over a shirt for an outfit that is sophisticated and slightly more formal.


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