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Summer is in full swing and it’s time to hit the links, so I am sharing my top 3 Cuban cigars that I recommend this season. In addition to a cold beverage, there is nothing better to me than taking a nice long draw of a premium Habanos to forget about a sliced shot ending up in the rough or a bunker.

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In general, cigars and golf have been a historical pairing that complement each other well and enhance the enjoyment of the game.

What to keep in mind when choosing Cuban cigars for a round of golf

There are a few things I consider when selecting my Cuban cigars prior to a round, such as:

  • Length (total smoking time)
  • Ring Gauge (thickness of the cigar, usually around 50)
  • Strength (usually medium to full body)

The size of the vitolas I select are equally important for the length and ring gauge. Variety in my lineup for a round is ideal so that I have the option to smoke a smaller cigar towards the end of the front/back 9 if a break in the club house is needed or to wrap up the round with only a few holes remaining.

The ring gauge or thickness of the cigar is a factor since we can encounter wind or just the breeze from the moving golf cart and I find that smaller ring gauge cigars will burn faster or require relighting which is somewhat wasteful.

The strength of the cigar is something I consider as I am focusing on the game and not the cigar as much, so I won’t appreciate the more delicate or mild vitolas rather a stronger cigar will be more flavourful and require less thought to enjoy.

Enough about the thought and selection process, let’s get into my top 3 picks.

Variety in my lineup for a round is ideal so that I have the option to smoke a smaller cigar towards the end of the front/back 9 if a break in the club house is needed or to wrap up the round with only a few holes remaining.

Emad Chibli

Cigar writer

Partagas Lusitanias

I couldn’t imagine a better Cuban cigar to start a round of golf with than a Partagas Lusitanias. A Prominentes vitola better known as Double Corona boasts a 49 ring gauge with over 7.5 inches in length for a burn time of 1.5-2 hours.

The size makes it ideal for smoking throughout most of the front nine holes without having to worry about what you will smoke next and start the round focused while enjoying its full body strength and earthy spice flavour profile.

Michael Jordan’s favourite cigar for good reason whether he was smoking one pre-game in the NBA Playoffs or on the links, we can assume it impacted his winning mentality.

Cuban Cigars 3

Montecristo No. 2

One of the most popular Cuban cigars in the world, also makes a great golf cigar. The Monte No. 2 is a Piramides vitola, hence the pointy cap with a 52 ring gauge and over 6 inches in length. This cigar checks all the boxes in the criteria I shared above, including a medium-full body profile featuring a woody cocoa flavour.

With about an hour in smoking time, I find it to be a great smoke for about 5-6 holes to start the back nine with time left for another smaller cigar to finish the round.

Cuban Cigars 4

Cohiba Robustos

This Cuban cigar doesn’t need any more hype as it is one of the most sought after Habanos around the globe and a staple in any cigar collector’s humidor. With under an hour in smoking time, I absolutely love to finish off a round with a Cohiba Robusto.

With a 50 ring gauge and under 5 inches in length this cigar is a great finale to a round and something I enjoy while reflecting on all my missed birdies when sitting on the 19th hole with a cold one. Similar to my other recommendations, the CoRo is a medium-to-full-body cigar with a woody spice profile leaving a memorable impression.

Cuban Cigars 6

I am sure many of you have already enjoyed these popular Cuban cigars before and hope you consider adding them to your golf cigar rotation. May your drives be long, your chips be straight and your cigars remain lit this golf season!

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