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Habanos S.A. is rolling out a new Limited Edition Cuban cigar of the Hoyo de Monterrey brand, the Monterreyes No. 4 vitola (55 ring x 145 mm length). The cigar was unveiled late last week at an event hosted by Kaliman Caribe, exclusive distributor of Habanos S.A. for Bulgaria.

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Habanos S.A. is a Cuban cigar manufacturing that controls the promotion, distribution and export of premium cigars from Cuba. A select group of 500 guests from Albania, Armenia, Croatia, Cuba, United Arab Emirates, Greece, Ireland, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom were the first to discover and taste the new vitola.

It’s the seventh limited edition of the Hoyo de Monterrey brand. Monterreyes No. 4 is presented in a wooden box with 10 habanos of each. The thick ring gauge vitolas are especially popular with enthusiasts of the brand, so those people will be keeping an eye out for these.

Hoyo de Monterrey Limited Edition

Cuban cigar aficionados have a special affection for limited edition cigars. It mostly comes down to the careful selection of leaves, aged for a minimum period of two years. The Hoyo de Monterrey plantation from the Vuelta Abajo area in the Pinar del Rio region is known for the world’s best tobacco.

Enthusiasts of mild-strength, aromatic cigar will be able to find the new Monterreyes No. 4 vitola after its worldwide launch at the different official points of sale in more than 140 countries where Habanos, S.A. distributes its products.

Hoyo de Monterrey No. 4: Tasting notes

  • An aromatic Habano with very pleasant woody notes, which allows a fresh and pleasurable enjoyment.
  • Burn: excellent and combustibility with a wide breath thanks to its large size, which delights with a very fresh and aromatic smoke and some light bitter notes, being faithful to the mild flavor of its blend.
  • Ash: light gray in color and compact.
  • Smoking time: About 50 minutes.

Pair it with a 12-year-old whisky, smooth, floral with light notes of toasted malt, with a light finish that combined with the smooth taste of this cigar blends makes for an excellent combination.

Images: Habanos S.A.

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