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Supercars are fast and there is nothing more alluring than the thrill of speed. However, the lack of roads to attempt these ludicrous numbers or even think about the sheer speeds that these cars can achieve is indeed a paradox of sorts.

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That said, supercars thrive on numbers and their currency is all about horsepower. In today’s world, the acceleration and the complex technology going behind these cars are bewildering but these are the fastest supercars you can buy right now.

Fastest supercars: Rimac Nevera

Supercars and speed go together while you can also add Rimac into that list with its seemingly unreal performance statistics. The Nevera has put Rimac at the top of the speed game while putting electricity above a conventional gasoline engined car. Electric motors provide a seemingly un-ending supply of relentless power which makes them addictive.

The Nevera gets no less than four Rimac-designed electric motors, which propel the hypercar from 0-60 mph in just 1.85 seconds, and to 100mph in 4.3 seconds.

Supercars thrive on numbers and their currency is all about horsepower.

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Fastest Supercars Rimac 2

Chris Harris vs Rimac Nevera: The World's Fastest Electric Car? | Top Gear Series 33

It makes 1914 bhp and yes that is correct. All that horsepower is delivered in an instant and this rocket ship flies away with the sort of performance which akin to a being strapped on a rocket launcher. It will do 352 kmph but unlocked it will do a simply unbelievable 412kph (258mph).

The battery pack is a 120kWh liquid-cooled lithium manganese nickel battery while it is also not some uncompromising hypercar since it comes with all the luxuries for a Grand Tourer but with a serious dollop of speed.

Fastest Supercars Rimac

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

A hybrid Ferrari without a sonorous V12 engine might have angered purists the but the SF90 Stradale silenced critics with its surreal 986bhp hybrid powertrain and a complex suite of electric motors enabling one to reach 60mph in around 2 seconds. That makes it the fastest Ferrari that you can buy and a technological marvel of sorts.

The SF90 is hypercar quick but without the hypercar price-tag. The complexity is borne out of its electric motors along with the potent suite of driver aids while the V8 is very much the heart of the driving experience.

Fastest Supercars Ferrari 2

The twin-turbo V8 brings out more than 700 rampant ponies while the rest of the power is supplied by electricity. A super sharp dual clutch automatic enables one to launch the car effectively and that results in its blistering acceleration.

The lighter Assetto Fiorano package brings in further aerodynamic benefits and makes it a hardcore track weapon along with a knack of piling on lots of speed. This is Ferrari using hybrid technology to bridge the gap between hypercars and supercars.

Ferrari SF90 Stradale - Official Video

Fastest supercar: Lamborghini Revuelto

Bugatti acceleration from a wedge-shaped Lamborghini is the new way of doing things and the Aventador replacement does exactly that. The Revuelto takes the best bits from its predecessors and conjures up a delectable new recipe of a proper supercar amidst a wave of new technology.

In the Revuelto you get three electric motors along with a V12 engine while everything else is all new too including a double clutch gearbox.

Fastest Supercars Lamborghini

Curiously you can charge this Lamborghini and it has an electric only range but this big bull is still about raw performance more than anything else. The 0-60 mph time is a scant 2.5 seconds while it will go on to do a top speed of more than 217mph.

Underneath that wedgy styling lies a new carbon structure and it gets modern day features including rear wheel steering. If you want the Revuelto you better hurry as its first two years production has nearly sold out.

Fastest Supercars Lamborghini 2
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