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For a car-maker so deeply rooted within the traditional supercar values of noise and engines, the eventual shift towards electrification might come as a shock to the folks at Sant’Agata. However, they have managed to conjure up something which claims to be a proper Lamborghini while still running solely on batteries.

It is indeed a tall ask for a car-maker that is best known for its V12 engines and loud exhausts but they have tried at least! Meet the Lamborghini Lanzador and it is an electric high-riding GT that somewhere sits within the Urus and the supercars. It is not a bonafide SUV but more of a raised crossover with a focus on performance.

Lamborghini Lanzador 4

With its dual motor powertrain pushing out more than one megawatt of power, here is a Lamborghini that pushes upwards of 1341 horsepower. Just to remind you that is even more powerful than the flagship supercar of the company and is double of everything that it currently makes.

The jaw-dropping power put is just one side to this intriguing story. Unlike the Urus, this is a swoopier two-door body style with a four-seater layout and fits more into the traditional mould of a raging bull- albeit within the confines of what the modern-day Lamborghini is defined by.

It is not a bonafide SUV but more of a raised crossover with a focus on performance.

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Lamborghini Lanzador: Jaw-dropping power

While the car could have been a low-slung four-door sedan, the two-door crossover opens many markets where ground clearance is important and the mixture of SUVs and supercars. Lamborghini has also applied a generous dose of styling cues plucked from other cars like the Countach and the Sterrato. Is it the best-looking Lamborghini?

Lamborghini Lanzador

Not in the traditional way but it does divide opinion and drop jaws. Lamborghini has also worked hard on the driving experience with many of the control systems being designed to mimic its cars form the past and give it a pure supercar-esque driving experience.

There is a lot of active aerodynamics plus suspension along with rear axle steering and more. It is a raised crossover of sorts but it is more of a sporty Lamborghini with an intense rate of acceleration.

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What is the range?

The interior is more of a cockpit like with a Y-shape while the cabin is dotted with traditional Lamborghini styling cues all the way. The dashboard and the controls layout are also reconfigured. These days carmakers are not just throwing in a plank of batteries and motors as sustainable luxury is also the way to go.

The Lanzador has a high-end Merino wool upholstered cabin along with regenerated nylon / recycled plastic and many non-visible plastics, such as the foam of the sports seats, being made of 3D-printed recycled fibres. There is also regenerated carbon and 3D printed details.

Lamborghini Lanzador 6

An EV that’s emulating a pure supercar

The company is keen to stress the fact that this is not some designer’s fancy made up to fill a motor show stand and then disappear as the Lanzador will be the fourth model in the line-up along with bridging the gap between the Urus and the other supercars.

Lamborghini remains tight-lipped regarding the range of the Lanzador but suffice to say, it will be a long-legged tourer with ample range to gallop across continents.

But is it a proper Lamborghini? It misses out on the madness of the classic V12 bulls and there are no scissor doors but it is as wild as it gets when it comes to electric cars. Job done on first glance, we’d say!

Lamborghini Lanzador 3
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