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If you’ve been looking at your utility bill and find that it’s way higher than you’d like, it could be a good idea to start looking for ways to decrease your home’s utility costs. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend money on things other than bills? Energy efficient homes are a fast way to get there.

Consider a new energy plan

As you start looking into ways for you to save money with your home’s utility bills, it could be a wise choice to consider a new energy plan. Instead of paying what you’re paying right now and feeling like you could put that money elsewhere, look into options that offer clean energy plans that save you a lot. What is Inspire Clean Energy? It’s a way for people to save money on their plans while also doing their part for the environment, so it’s something to consider.

Set up a smart HVAC system

If you live anywhere in the southern U.S., you more than likely have to use your air conditioning just to make it through the day, and night. What can then happen is that you spend way too much on your air conditioning, causing your electric bills to spike higher than you’d like.

With a smart HVAC system, you can set things up so that you’re spending less on keeping cool in the summer. Setting your system to cool down in the evening for better sleep while keeping it at a higher number during the day can help you save money. So too can setting it up so that the temperature rises whenever you leave the house. You’d be amazed at how much money you can save by installing a better system in your home.

Monitor water usage

Water usage impacts your bills as well and if you’re looking to decrease your utility costs, take a look at how you use water—especially if you live in a multiple-person household. While we all love our long hot showers, it could be a good idea to put a timer on it. You’re not in the army—so you don’t need to rush it but consider making do with fewer baths or long showers that keep the water running for longer than it should.

While your kids or roommates could need some convincing, when everyone is spending less on bills, they may appreciate it.

Turn off appliances you are not using

Plugged-in appliances, lights on all over your home, and air conditioning at a low temperature while you’re out; there are multiple ways to save money that you may not even be paying attention to. Start taking stock of the ways you “throw away money” by simply leaving energy-sucking things around your home. When you’re not going to be at home, why leave things turned on that you’re not using? It may take time to build the habit of shutting off lights and raising the AC temperature, but you will be glad you did when your bills are lower.

You could also invest in a smart home system that does it for you, helping you to save more money in the long run. Anywhere economy changes can happen to decrease utility costs, it’s beneficial.

Think about solar panels

When it comes to your home’s energy, there’s something that may be an initial investment but that could save you money. Solar panels can help you get the power you need while also helping your utility bills decrease. Depending on the location of your home and the climate, you could be saving a lot of money and also doing good for the environment, so think about installing solar panels today.

If you want to spend less, do good for the planet, and also live comfortably, consider these tips mentioned above. They can save you money and they can also help you make more environmentally conscious decisions, so think about what you can update or change in your home and habits today.

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