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Moving into a new home is exciting, but if you build your own, it takes it up another notch. You can watch your place get built and even have some input into design and finishings by picking a plan and hiring a contractor to build it, but if you want something special, a custom home is what you want.

Now you can decide on the layout and features to include. While this may seem easy, there are so many options, and it can be overwhelming. Are you looking for guidance on what to include in your new residence?

Here are some great luxury custom home ideas to consider.


Most homes have a front entrance that either opens into the living area or has a hallway to enter the kitchen and living room. This works well for your main entrance, but it’s not ideal for putting shoes, boots, jackets, backpacks and other items that can quickly clutter the area. The answer is a mudroom.

This room can be off the side of the house, entered through the garage or near the front entrance and serves as a catch-all for your outdoor clothing and footwear. This is also a great place for added storage, especially for a large family. You can build a built-in bench with open cabinets, drawers, and cupboards that will fit many shoes, jackets, scarves, and other must-haves.

Consult with luxury custom home builders for design and layout ideas. Once the mudroom is built, you will enjoy its utility. You can hang up backpacks and coats and store sport equipment bags, and all of this stuff is out of the way and out of site from the rest of the home.

Custom Home Office

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Home Office

Having a place to keep financial paperwork and bills is a must for your house, but more and more people are transitioning to an at-home working model. Companies are seeing the value of a hybrid workforce, and to function effectively in your job, you need a home office.

This is another room that can be closed off from the rest of the house and is a dedicated space where you work from and house all your work equipment. At a minimum, you will need a desk, chair and storage for your supplies, but if your room is big enough, additional seating or a small couch is great. This space will help you separate work from leisure to be more productive while working from home.

Spa Washroom

In a custom home, we want luxury, and it is wise to make a large washroom area off the primary bedroom for pampering yourself.

This spa washroom can be zoned into different areas, including:

  • Freestanding tub
  • Shower room
  • Toilet room
  • Sitting room
  • Dressing area
  • Walk-in closet
  • Sink area

You can install a shower with multiple heads, a steam shower, and a sound system incorporated into it. A free-standing tub with spa jets will soothe you, and then you can access your dressing area all in the same space. This is luxury and a great custom feature to add to your home.

Custom Homes - Modern Kitchen

Chef’s Kitchen

Kitchens are the most busy place in a house because it’s where the food is made. People love to gather in this room, so it’s best to make it as big as possible with many features.

While all standard kitchens have a dishwasher, stove, oven and microwave, a chef’s kitchen has all the additional appliances that a professional kitchen would have, including:

  • Heated drawers
  • Prep carts
  • Gas cook range
  • Multiple ovens
  • Multiple sinks
  • Oversized island
  • Sub-zero fridge and freezer
  • Wine fridge

There should also be enough room for several people to simultaneously work on food prep and cooking. A butler’s pantry off the side is also useful and can have a separate cooking area with a smaller fridge, stove, oven, dishwasher and sink, and ample counter space. An outdoor kitchen on the deck expands your entertaining capabilities too. This is how to take your home to the next level.


A pantry is used for storing stable food items, and while your kitchen may have lots of cabinetry, it is nice to have a dedicated room for it. This room should be close to the kitchen with built-in cupboards open for easy access.

A storage table in the middle of the space will help you organize food and small appliances and give you a worktop for canning or preserving food. This room will free up space in the kitchen so the counters aren’t cluttered with mixers and blenders, and it can even be used for extra dishes, flatware and baking supplies.

Other ideas include:

  • Games room
  • Movie room
  • Wine cellar
  • Pet-friendly spaces
  • Lounge

A custom home should also have an open floor plan with many windows and a floor-to-ceiling fireplace to make it warm and inviting.

When it comes down to it, any additional features you add to your home make it custom, and the best thing to do is tailor your design to your wants and needs. Then you will have a home with all the desired amenities, and you can enjoy them for years to come.

Top Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

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