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There is another side to supercar makers which is generally not within the reach of the average joe or the usual supercar buyer. It’s an inner sanctum sanctorum consisting of an exclusive clientele where bespoke cars are commissioned via a One-Off series from Ferrari.

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It’s where the imagination of the buyer runs wild, and the ideas are captured by Ferrari designers lead by Flavio Manzoni. Hence, these cars are special bespoke one-off models made for buyers who want something truly unique.

Ferrari: Bespoke cars for the ultra luxury bracket

These cars are often based on current Ferrari cars with the design being changed. The platform or the powertrain has been kept in-tact. In case of the Ferrari SP48 Unica, the F8 Tributo is taken as the canvas.

However, a lot of the design has been re-done. The arrow-shaped front profile in particular is striking with its own unique look. It makes the F8 Tributo shape even more alluring and takes it to a new stratosphere.

Ferrari Sp48 2

The lines are more sensuous and beautifully strewn together in harmony with the level of precision. That is unheard of in mass-produced cars. A lot of 3D prototyping has been used in the design process, including the grille, which is 3D designed.

New Ferrari SP48: Optimized for aerodynamics

Compared to the F8, the haunches are more pronounced and the rear window has been eliminated. It’s all sacrificed at the altar of beauty. The window has also been redesigned. And there is a connection with the lines from the rear to the front, for sure. A closer look also reveals new intakes at the front while the SP48 seems to be more of a sleek design with a longer front overhang.

These grilles are optimized for aerodynamics. The intake has been positioned in a way that all of the turbo V8 noises are piped into the cabin for the ultimate sensory experience. This isn’t a piece of art to hang on a wall but a fully functioning car with all of the power of a standard F8 Tributo. Even the wheels are redesigned with an art deco philosophy and comes with a contrast dark grey finish.

Ferrari Sp48 3

Ferrari SP48 Unica official video beauty footage

Black laser-perforated Alcantara

While interior design of the F8 has been kept the same for the SP48 Unica, some special touches have been lavished on this car. That includes specially developed black laser-perforated Alcantara used on the seats which mimic the orange look of the exterior. The same design of the grille has been used inside with a hexagonal motif.

Ferrari Sp48 4

Unlike standard Ferraris (if there is such a thing), the client has been involved in the creation of this car. This is a privilege given to Ferraris long-standing clients. These are the people who buy every new car and have an exquisite collection of their best car. This enables one to quality for the one-off personalization programme which was launched many years back.

Over the years the Special Projects division has been responsible for many one-off cars combining the clients wishes and imagination along with the designer’s brush. It’s the inner club within Ferrari, where rare isn’t rare enough. It’s not for celebrities like Justin Bieber, banned from future Ferrari purchases for apparently violating a modification law. No one protects their luxury brand like the folks at Ferrari.

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