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Amongst the myriad of supercar makers out there on the market, Lotus has stood out for its fanatical devotion to lightweight cars. That is because its founder was obsessed with vehicles that are compact yet are also bristling with feedback. Less is more but years down the line, under new owner Geely, Lotus cars has turned itself around with a hulking great big electric SUV.

At the onset, it seems it strays even further from the Lotus traditional values since it is heavy, electric and stands tall being an SUV. However, a small drive seems to confirm there is some method in this madness.

Lotus Eletre R Dynamic 3

Lotus: 0-62 mph in 2.95 seconds

The Eletre R is a hyper fast version with upwards of 900 horses’ courtesy a pair of powerful motors and supercar witchcraft being embedded in. As a result, it does 0-62 mph in a scant 2.95 seconds – enough to embarrass most petrol two door sports cars. That is the power of electricity and how it channels sheer straight-line speed despite weight looming large.

The Eletre R is a bespoke electric SUV based on a new architecture which will also spawn other iterations. However, Lotus will not make a petrol Eletre and instead tunes the EV to be super-fast. Sitting still, it looks fast as well with various scoops and ducts being plastered across a streamlined shape. It is a big car but looks sleek and is festooned with aerodynamics details.

Lotus Eletre S Kaimu Grey Dynamic 4

2024 Lotus Eletre R Review // The World's First 'Hyper' SUV

Priced around $188,000

The driving position is spot on though and a full-bore launch will rearrange your brain as you will first find it difficult to process the sheer rate of acceleration. It is not merely fast but a time warp and is a shock to your senses although without the drama as seen with other combustion engine performance cars.

What is astounding is that this acceleration is happening in a large SUV and not low-slung missile of a sports car. The acceleration is so addictive that you risk breaking speed limits many times over and you are not aware of rather big digits on the slim info display in front of you.

Lotus Eletre S Kaimu Grey Interior 2

Yet, while it feels brisk, the Eletre does show its weight when pushed hard while the steering has a modicum of feedback. The basics are taken care of though with good visibility, calm driving manners and a silent electric powertrain. However, do note that with spirited driving, the range drops to 304 miles.

Lotus Eletre: Big changes to the interior

The bigger change is on the inside with a cabin which is in stark contrast to the spartan interiors of the old Lotus cars. Here, it is sci-fi, slick and has the quality to match its luxury car rivals. There are several screens (including digital mirrors) and you get a massive HUD too while a 23-speaker audio system is a treat to any audiophile’s ears.

The design is sleek though and the OLED touchscreen is easy to use as well. Due to an electric platform, the Eletre is quite spacious and is comfortable while only lacking the modularity of some SUVs.

Lotus Eletre R 2Car Dynamic 4

Prices are in the region of $188,000 and that is good value if you count the number of electric horses rumbling underneath the shapely hood. Yes, it lacks the drama of some rivals but presents a compelling proposition with its performance, styling, and other worldly demeanour.

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