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Koenigsegg has come a long way in establishing itself as a major player in the hypercar space. Its cars have stood out for their extreme devotion to speed and how they attain it.

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Their cars are not electric but come garnished with a load of technology yet not forgetting their roots. Their newest creation harks back at its first car, the CC8S and a cursory glance at the styling shows an alluring mix of retro and modern.

Koenigsegg CC850: Just 50 available

Limited to just 50 cars worldwide, the distinctive styling details are pure Koenigsegg with the telephone-dial style rims and triple taillights. The CC850 does not come with the traditional theatrical design flourish of its other recent cars but there is a certain purity to the lines which endears to us more than its other cars.

Koenigsegg Cc850 5

Unlike the first Koenigsegg which came 20 years ago, the new CC850 has been adapted for left- and right-hand drive versions while having a roomier cabin. A pleasing design trait of the first CC8S were its exposed mechanical components and detachable hardtop which continues to find place in the new version.

Twin turbo V8 belts out plenty of power

The CC850 interior also gets the round steering wheel, the open-gate shifter and the analogue chrono cluster while the synchrohelix door system adds a hypercar touch. In short, it has the usual hypercar car drama but within the canvas of a retro infused design philosophy.

Koenigsegg Cc850

Like any Koenigsegg, there is plenty of power on tap with its 5.0-liter twin-turbo V8 belting out 1,185 hp on gasoline or 1,385 hp on E85, as well as 1,385 nm (1,020 lb-ft) of torque. Also like the Koenigsegg ONE:1 released in 2014, the CC850 also achieves a 1:1 power to weight ratio with 1385 hp and a 1385 kg curb weight. That means devastating performance and also enabling it to be one of the fastest cars in the world right now.

Koenigsegg CC850: Suits any driving experience

That said, the more intriguing part is its gearbox which is unlike anything else as it is both an automatic as well as a manual transmission. Called as the Engage Shift System (ESS), it allows for different gear ratios depending on the driving mode, hence, providing a different driving experience for road or track use.

Koenigsegg Cc850 3

So, the transmission comes paired with a clutch pedal and is an adaptable, multi-ratio, 6-speed manual transmission that also can run as a 9-speed automatic. Hence, it is tailored to suit any driving experience and offers something no other car can while also being extremely complicated.

A new hypercar that reaches back into the past

Amongst the array of technologies being showcase here, the design details are carefully embedded in to remind of the company’s past. However, with a manual option, the much-revered gated shifter has also made its way here. Another interesting point is that the CC850 shifter is also inspired by Swiss chronographs.

Koenisgsegg has not revealed its price but amongst the millions of dollars that it does cost, the significance of the CC850 goes beyond the conventional realms and it reminds us that in the hypercar game, sometimes one needs to look back to move forward.

Koenigsegg Cc850 2
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