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Hypercars like the Czinger 21C​thrive on their exclusivity and their radical exteriors which make them other-worldly objects rather than mere automobiles. Hypercars like the Czinger however are not about practicality or even plain performance as it is about extreme engineering and pushing the boundaries of design along with how top speed is reached.

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A Tesla is fast but the Czinger 21C hypercar will make you whip out your phone to take pics while even standing still. Performance is secondary here as it is the sense of occasion that matters.

Czinger car critics claim that the 21C car is the first Human-AI designed and 3D printed hypercar in the world with some mind-boggling technology stuffed into its lithe silhouette.

Czinger 21C 5

Czinger 21C: Fighter jet cockpit

Everything including its space-ship styling is tuned for aerodynamics along with lowering weight. Hence, the Czinger 21C weighs 1250kg while it makes 1233 bhp (1250 hp). Let that sink in for a while

Made in California, the talking point of the 21C is the new design and manufacturing process. Most of the components are 3D-printed while the rest of the car is made from carbon-fibre plus titanium/aluminium.

The shape is juxtaposed with some outlandish design details along with an extreme F1-style driving position. There are huge gull-wing doors. It is as low-slung as a racing car with little heed to practicality. In many ways, it is even more extreme than a hypercar. A gigantic rear wing and a huge diffuser complete the track-focused look.

Czinger 21C 2

Czinger claims that the 21C is the first Human-AI designed and 3D printed hypercar in the world with some mind-boggling technology stuffed into its lithe silhouette.

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Savage power: 2.88-litre twin-turbocharged V8 petrol unit

The interior is like much like a fighter jet cockpit or an F1 racing car with the driver the centre of the attention along with little else to think about than driving the car. Distraction is minimal here while the canopy style cabin only heightens the sensation of performance.

The power figures are savage with a 2.88-litre twin-turbocharged V8 petrol unit (and powerful Czinger engine) which is paired to an 800-volt electric drive system. That produces a peak power output of 1233bhp. With so much power on offer, there is the safety net of all-wheel drive while the gearbox is a seven-speed sequential transaxle unit.

Czinger 21C

Czinger 21C: Top speed of 253 mph

Not many cars can keep up with the Czinger 21C suspension and Czinger 21C frame with claimed performance figures of 0-62 mph in 1.9 seconds and a top-speed of 253 mph. These are deemed as ‘possible’. It can also run-on various types of fuel including recycled methanol or even being suitable to various octanes.

At high speeds, that massive rear wing produces lots of downforce. The strict weight regime makes it akin to piloting a fighter jet rather than a conventional supercar.

Czinger 21C 4

$2 million pricetag of the Czinger 21C

However, the Czinger 21C is much more than an extreme billionaire’s toy. The 3D metal printing can change the way cars are made in the future. It can reduce the vast complexities that are incurred in making a car.

Just 80 examples of Czinger 21C will be made. Pricing will be more than $2 million while customer deliveries will start next year.

Overall, we think it is an alluring showcase of technology along with being a ridiculously fast hypercar that goes beyond the conventional realms of automotive design.

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