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If there is any car-maker that identifies itself the closest to the attributes of electric cars then it must be Rolls-Royce. Their cars have always prioritized luxury and refinement over everything else along with exploring the facets of what effortless motoring is all about.

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Hence, it is indeed a bit surprising that it has taken Rolls-Royce this much time to bring its first electric vehicle to the market: the Rolls-Royce Spectre.

2 Spectreunveiled–Thefirstfully Electricrolls Royce Front

Rolls-Royce Spectre: New generation

That said, Rolls-Royce understands its customers better than anyone else and took its own sweet time in developing an electric car which confines to the traditional values of one. In other words, this new car is a proper Rolls-Royce but with the slight change of being electric. Nothing more.

Rather refreshingly, the gorgeous coupe silhouette has been chosen as the canvas for its first EV, and it is basically the new generation Wraith coupe.

1 Spectreunveiled–Thefirstfully Electricrolls Royce Doorcabinlight

This new car is a proper Rolls-Royce but with the slight change of being electric. Nothing more.

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1 Spectreunveiled–Thefirstfully Electricrolls Royce Front3 4

Radical design

Before we discuss the specifications, we must touch upon the styling of the car as the Spectre is indeed the most radical Rolls-Royce in terms of design also. Yet, it is still a purposeful design that reeks of authority just like its stablemates.

The grille, for example, is wider and has lovely detailing while the shape has a distinct yacht-like design philosophy. There are powerful lines which dominate the design while the lowered roofline and the futuristic taillamps also demand attention.

The Spectre is also the first coupe to wear 23-inch wheels, yet its vast proportions somehow make them look much smaller.

4 Spectreunveiled–Thefirstfully Electricrolls Royce Shoulderline

Rolls Royce Spectre: 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds

Open the rear hinged door and you are cocooned within a leather lined cabin along with lavish craftsmanship. It is a proper Rolls-Royce here with no expense being spared while a minute change is the full digital instrument cluster and a more “relaxed driving position” over its more authoritative siblings.

New to Spectre is the addition of a starlight door along with the starlight headline and it is indeed a beautiful object rather than a prosaic design detail of a motor car. With over 4,796 illuminated ‘stars’, these coach-built doors are works of art themselves!

The night-theme is also seen with the Spectre nameplate on the passenger side with an illuminated fascia.

5 Spectreunveiled–Thefirstfully Electricrolls Royce Rear

Real bespoke

Of course, with such a car, there are near-infinite bespoke possibilities in terms of matching the dials with the car colour, bespoke stitching and more.

The Spectre continues to sit on the all-aluminium spaceframe architecture but is stiffer now along with the battery mounted on the floor plus it also gets near 700kg of sound deadening!

8 Spectreunveiled–Thefirstfully Electricrolls Royce Starlightheadlinerlight

Not that it needs it with a silent electric powertrain with 900Nm of torque along with a claimed 0-60mph in 4.4 seconds. Spectre owners are not your typical EV buyers and Rolls-Royce expects them to undertake short journeys around cities hence, a range of 320 miles is more than sufficient.

The pricing of the car would be between the Cullinan and the Phantom (est. $400,000 USD) while deliveries will start around Q4 2023.

What we like

A radical Rolls-Royce that still incorporates what the brand is all about along with embracing electrification.

4 Spectreunveiled–Thefirstfully Electricrolls Royce Rear3 4

What we do not like

Not a radical EV in terms of design.

10 Spectreunveiled–Thefirstfully Electricrolls Royce Splitheadlights


Rolls-Royce continues to show how it understands luxury yet also keeping up with the times.

Find more guides on luxury cars like the Rolls-Royce Spectre electric car on our website!

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