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When it comes to projecting a statement on a motorbike, it does not get better than the classics. All tracing their roots to an era when motorcycles were known for their ruggedness, minimalist design, and raw power, the good ol’ beauties from the 70s, 80s, and the 90s are all set to make a comeback.

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Even though these bikes lacked most of the excessive gadgets and safety features that today’s models boast about, they perfectly embodied the philosophy of form meets function. Many of these models have lasted through the decades, and are a testament to the lasting engineering of the 70s.

Safety tips for riding a motorcycle

While these bikes can help riders relive the era of bell-bottoms and disco, we should also bear in mind that those were the times of lax safety features, when motorcyclists were mostly associated with daredevils, or those with little regard for life or safety. This was owing to the sheer number of motorcyclists injured in accidents each year at the time.

If you’re hellbent on riding one of the below mentioned beauties, we insist that you follow these tips to the tee, in order to stay safe and have fun on your classics.

Ride what you can handle

It goes without saying, but motorcycles aren’t suited for everyone, and there are certain makes and models that are unsuitable for most.

Classic Motorcycles Harley Davidson

Don’t skimp on safety

A helmet that covers your full face and jaws, along with other safety gear such as elbow guards and riding gloves can be life savers.

Avoid bad road/weather conditions

Motorbikes are a lot more susceptible to bad weather conditions, or bad roads, or a combination of both.

Regular checkups & servicing

Make sure to check the basics each time you hit the roads, mainly the brakes, air pressure, clutch, acceleration, and the likes.

Classic Motorcycle

5 classic & stylish motorbikes

As promised, here is the list of classics that still retain their style, flair, and poise, remaining fully capable of becoming the center of attention on the high-roads,

Harley-Davidson Panhead

Produced between 1948 and 1965, this American classic was known for its distinctive “panhead” engine with a unique shape that was exposed on top.

The Panhead was extremely popular among custom builders given its rugged construction and build, making it perfect for extension modifications and further styling.

A successor to the Knucklehead, which was only the most popular American bike in the 50s and 60s, the Panhead is a collector’s dream, and goes for many times its average price during its heyday. Owning a Harley, however, is no easy task, requiring extensive maintenance and upkeep.

Triumph Bonneville

The Triumph Bonneville is a classic British motorcycle that has been in production since 1959. It is known for its sleek lines and twin-cylinder engine.

The Bonneville has a classic, timeless design that has made it a favorite among motorcycle enthusiasts for generations.

Honda CB750

The Honda CB750 is a classic Japanese motorcycle that was introduced in 1969. It was one of the first motorcycles to feature a four-cylinder engine, which was a major advancement at the time.

Coming with three major variants, namely the CB750K, CB750F, and CB750C, with slight differences on the features and designs, this model helped establish Honda as a brand to international customers, something that persists till this day.

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Indian Chief

Another classic American motorcycle, and the oldest on this list, getting its start all the way back in 1922, this bike still remains in the hands of enthusiasts and avid collectors.

The Chief sported a classic, timeless design, which many believe set the stage for an entire generation of motorcycles, and still remains largely relevant when it comes to design and functional aspects.

Norton Commando

The Norton Commando is a British motorcycle that was produced from 1967 to 1977. It is known for its smooth-running parallel-twin engine and distinctive “Isolastic” frame, which was designed to reduce vibration.

The Commando has a classic, sporty design that still remains popular among collectors and enthusiasts alike, all the while inspiring designers and manufacturers the world over.

Even as newer models with advanced designs and features arrive every other week, the beauty, value, and adoration of the classics will always remain. After all, this was the era that defined motorcycles, and everything it meant for riders.

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