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Motorcycles are dangerous to ride. Every single motorcycle enthusiast knows that for sure. However, many people who love motorcycles often find themselves examining and then attempting to purchase some classic motorcycles that might look wonderful in a garage or on display. But are they more dangerous to ride than the newest and most modern motorcycle?

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Here’s what you need to know about making sure that your motorcycle is perfect to ride, no matter its age.

How to keep safe on any motorcycle

For starters, you need to make sure that you are wearing a proper and regulation helmet to protect your head from falls. Additionally, make sure you are wearing long sleeved clothes, taking note of the riding conditions. And properly performing maintenance on your bike to ensure that it runs smoothly. All of these things are going to prevent you from increasing your chances of having an accident.

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What makes classic motorcycles dangerous

Outdated designs for one. Many classic motorbikes were built in the times that they were built in. They just don’t have the handling power, the safety standards, or the equipment that modern bikes just take for granted nowadays.

Many classic bikes simply can’t handle speed, don’t maneuver well in today’s road conditions, or just require a much larger level of experience than most novice riders or even experienced riders have.

Classic motorbikes can often be driven and used in controlled environments or areas with no cars or busy roads. But for modern day driving and riding, they just don’t hold up to what our 21st century world demands.

How to ride a classic motorcycle

If you really want to take your classic motorcycle out for a spin, you should make sure that you fully understand the bike. Learn what your classic bike can do and then prepare yourself accordingly. It might not go as fast as other bikes or turn as sharp. So make sure that you understand what your ride can handle in terms of road conditions.

Additionally, upgrade your safety system from old dim lighting systems and small mirrors to the standard two big mirrors and twelve voltage lighting systems as well. Making sure that you can see and be seen on your old bike is going to further increase your safety.

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Photo by Gijs Coolen on Unsplash

Classic and vintage bikes are more for the fixer than the rider

So, if they can’t be driven around outside of specific scenarios, why would anyone who isn’t extremely rich and wealthy own a vintage bike… let alone a lot of them? Well, classic bikes can be very fun to fix.

Whether you manage to find a good classic motorbike that just needs a new gas tank and some tender loving care, or a classic bike that is held together by dreams and duct tape, it can be very fun to play repairman.

Plus, there’s a certain type of thrill that comes from hunting down parts, solving mechanical problems, getting that old engine to purr, and also building your tool collection in the garage. Sometimes having something to tinker with that will get you through a boring Saturday afternoon is worth the price.

Modern motorcycles have advances in safety

While the modern motorbikes might not be as cool looking as their vintage counterparts, they do have the advantage of all of the safety tips that humans have learned. Modern motorcycles put rider safety at the forefront, and many bikes provide wonderful experiences for people who are experienced and those who are new to the hobby.

So while they can still prove dangerous to an untrained rider, you should focus on getting a bike built for the road conditions of the modern day rather than a fully vintage bike. Additionally, if you are injured while riding your motorcycle, don’t be afraid to get motorcycle injury legal help in Philadelphia.

Always be safe when riding, and have fun

Whether you are the type of person who wants to cruise the open road on a bike, or just have an easy way of getting around that isn’t related to driving a car, you should be able to both have fun and be safe while taking your motorcycle out for a real spin. It doesn’t matter if the bike is vintage or modern, as long as you feel young again riding it.

Top Photo by Harley-Davidson on Unsplash 

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