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Gift buying isn’t just for the holiday season, but for the summer months as well. With the promise of warmer weather and longer days, spring and summertime is always cause for celebration: sunny days in the park, barbecues and trips to the beach all tend to be popular additions to the calendar.

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This often involves having to come up with gift ideas, and whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect Mother’s Day gift or a girlfriend with a summer birthday, sometimes knowing what to get them can present a challenge. If you’re stuck for ideas, our summer guide to gifts for the women in your life is here to help.

Summer gift ideas: What to get them

If you know the recipient well, keep a list on the notes app in your phone and add to it whenever they mention something you think they might like. This could be something personal to them such as a framed mini-poster of their favorite movie, something you think they’d enjoy based on their existing hobbies and passions, or even a luxury item they’ve been hesitant to buy for themselves.

In some cases, you might be buying for someone you might not know particularly well, in which case more specific items such as perfume might not fit the bill. Instead, opt for something that’s likely to be useful, and universally appreciated: such as a personalized passport cover, or a parasol for their garden. For everyone else, here’s five gift recommendations that are sure to raise the sunniest of smiles.

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Fabulous fashionistas

If you’re still unsure as to what dress size they might be, a safer option is to go for an accessory instead, like a pair of cool sunglasses or a tote bag. For clothing, think quality summer staples like a breton shirt,  a pair of classic denim jeans. If they prefer skirts, Dainty Jewells has a great range of nostalgic, 90’s inspired midi and maxi options that go with just about everything.

For those who cherish accessories with deeper meaning, consider gifting a Christian bracelet. These elegant pieces, often adorned with symbols of faith, can be a thoughtful addition to any fashionista’s collection. Christian bracelets offer a unique blend of style and spirituality, making them a versatile and meaningful gift that goes well with just about everything. 

Intrepid travellers

Many beauty brands offer luxury gift sets specifically designed for vacation season, including things like travel-sized beauty products and an eye mask for those in-flight naps. Alternatively, you could even get a voucher to go towards their next trip.

Foodie fanatics

Kitchen appliances and handy tools are all useful, but for summer, think outside the home and go al-fresco: something like a cute picnic basket and waterproof blanket would be perfect. Or, if they love to host, a set of pretty outdoor string lights that they can use for their next garden party.

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Eco warriors

While a lot of brands might claim to be eco-friendly, beware “greenwashing” and always read the label. Whether it’s an item of clothing, an ethically-sourced piece of jewelry or a cruelty-free perfume, look out for certified labels such as the Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance or the Leaping Bunny logo.

Sports enthusiasts

For devoted fans, anything to do with their favorite team works: whether it’s a baseball shirt or a personalized drinks tumbler for cozying up and watching the football. If they’re always on the move, a quality yoga mat or something tech-related such as a fitness bracelet is guaranteed to raise a cheer of approval.

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