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The Lamborghini Countach was the symbol of 80’s excess and an automotive icon which has forever been a permanent fixture on the bedroom wall of a teenager. Designed by Marcello Gandini of Bertone, it was a wedge-shaped masterpiece that is widely regarded as the start of the supercar genre.

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The original Countach was a daring replacement for the Miura. While the world today is not quite the same as it was in the 80’s, the Countach moniker is at least back. Lamborghini has revived this iconic nameplate and made a limited edition model with each costing upwards of $2.64 million. Nostalgia has a heavy price-tag it seems!

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769 HP output is other-worldly

Called the Countach LPI 800-4, it retains the naturally aspirated V12, also the ‘LP’ part of its name (Longitudinale Posteriore), while the intervening years has made the power output nearly double at 769hp. Lamborghini has also added the hybrid technology from its Sian along with the permanent four-wheel drive transmission.

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As a result the new Countach supercar is frighteningly quick, yet maybe not quite a handful to drive now. In terms of pure numbers, the LPI 800-4 has a 0-100 km/h acceleration of just 2.8 seconds, a 0-200 km/h in 8.6 seconds and a top speed of 355 km/h.

A tip of the hat to the original, no-nonsense Lamborghini Countach

Fast as it may be, we must talk about the design. That sits at the centre stage of the new Countach experience. It is a retro design that pays homage to the original and has those design details which any Countach fan would appreciate.

The avalanche of detailing along with the distinct hexagonal shape to nearly everything suggests that it looks as mean as its predecessor.

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The way the bonnet sits as being angular to those headlamps – it is pure Countach flashback. Just like the original model, there are straight lines along with having air scoops tucked away on the sides.

Hence, there is no need for a fixed rear wing. The rear styling is also reminiscent of the original with wedge shape which cuts sharply along with three light clusters.

Only 112 units are being produced!

The characteristic scissor doors and the white color is also like the 80’s Countach hue which resonated with its clientele. However, a marked difference between the Countach of today and 80’s model is the luxury and technology.

The original Countach was a no-nonsense super car with little or nothing in terms of comfort. The whole philosophy behind it was an extreme supercar for the road.

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The new one meanwhile gets Connectivity and Apple CarPlay! One cool bit is the roof, which is photocromatic and changes from being solid to transparent. Even the air vents are 3D printed.

Some iconic elements of the Countach interior has been brought back, with the motif and stitching harking back to the 70s and 80s. Plus with a wide sill, egress and ingress is not exactly an elegant affair.

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With only 112 units produced chances of seeing one on the road as rare as the original model. But there is no denying that the new Countach LPI 800-4 is a desirable modern day reboot of an icon done in a tasteful manner. Lamborghini is bringing back the 80’s pomp and glamour in style!

What we like

Looks as stunning as the original Countach, the V12 engine, presence of hybrid technology, craftsmanship.

What we do not like

Not a shock to the eyes as the original model, only a collector’s car and not a full-fledged production model like the original Countach.


Lamborghini delights and surprises with its Countach tribute and it is a worthy one.

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