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Twenty years ago, in a brownstone in Toronto’s downtown east side, Md Bespoke began creating beautiful luxury men’s clothing for its exclusive gentlemen clientele, rounding off meetings with a toast of good scotch. Two decades on, the Md Bespoke brand has grown into a full-on luxury wardrobe and lifestyle experience, and of course, the scotch tradition continues.

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Now in a bright, spacious Yorkville location, complete with an outdoor patio, Md founder, Marlon Durrant says, “Md Bespoke Studios is a place where distinctive gentlemen meet to experience the finer things in life.”

Md Bespoke Glenmorangie

Cigar shirt for the cigar connoisseur

The Md brand has extended its luxury lifestyle experience to offer curated events to bring like-minded people together for experiences that set a new standard of luxury appreciation. Notably, Durrant’s weekly Sip & Smoke events that feature a fine scotch (and other fine liquors) paired with a specific cigar.

Md’s private circle is kept updated about upcoming paring events and each week is a different mix – you never know who will be there. Sometimes scotch and cigar specialists are present, other times there may be presentations by experts within the Md lifestyle network, and sometimes media personalities attend.

For example, a recent Sip & Smoke featured Glenmorangie Highland single malt scotch whisky paired with Mi Padre fine cigars, and Jamaican Canadian celebrity chef, Adrian Forte, who recently released his first cookbook, Yawd: Modern Afro-Caribbean Recipes was present.

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A men’s clothing hub, a safe space to discuss the cigar and scotch lifestyle

Durrant says that these private events draw an eclectic group of gentlemen from his ever-expanding private client base made up of entrepreneurs, professionals, business owners, CEOs, company presidents, and VPs. Sip & Smoke is a downtown core community in Yorkville, and a safe space to discuss the cigar and scotch lifestyle, make new connections, and find some cool, updated wardrobe pieces and endless bespoke possibilities.

The Sip & Smoke events inspired the idea for the Md Cigar Shirt. Understanding that cigars are fragile and require accessories, Md created a shirt that protects and transports all your cigar-smoking elements. The bespoke shirt is designed to accommodate your cigar cutter and your cigar, fitted exactly to the gage and length of your favourite smoke. The Cigar Shirt is a level up for the cigar connoisseur.

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The Md Bespoke Studio is a one-of-a-kind experience in Toronto. Its founder observes his clients with care and creativity, filling gaps that clients didn’t know were there. For a private appointment, please contact

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