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If you like old cars and vintage cars, then you might have heard of Hispano Suiza as it used to make luxury cars along with aircraft engines from the early 1900’s.

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It was founded in 1904 and has a long history of producing luxury cars. Recently it was resurrected in order to embark on an idea to make hypercars laced with a unique design philosophy. Called as Carmen Boulognes, this is an ultra-rare bespoke automobile that mixes electric performance with an eccentric design. It is an attention-grabbing car with a design that harks back to the old days of craftsmanship and bespoke automobiles.

2022 Hispano Suiza: Only 24 cars being made

Only 24 cars are being made and no two cars would be alike. The company offers as many as 1,904 different combinations with the Boulongnes version being even more bespoke. It is essentially tailor made for you with the imagination of the owner being the only limit. One such example has been delivered in the US which features a unique purple hue. That certainly brings out the lines of the car.

An all-electric powerhouse

Some of the detailing is exquisite to the carbon fibre which has been liberally used on the car plus it certainly has a whiff of old school charm about its somewhat alluring lines. Compared with other cars, it does not have the low-slung rakish design but puts its focus on old-school values of craftsmanship much like Pagani does. The designer has taken inspiration from the 1938 Dubonnet Xenia and we love the old art deco rear wheel cover to the incredibly swoopy surfacing.

The interior is also a stark contrast to the business-like cabin seen on other hypercars with indulgent materials being used and craftsmanship being clearly seen. The main agenda here is to fondle the switchgear and not just get in and drive. There are power-operated butterfly doors for easy egress/ingress. You do get modern day amenities like a touchscreen or even digital instruments.

[Hispano Suiza] is an ultra-rare bespoke automobile that mixes electric performance with an eccentric design

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Hispano Suiza: Power output of 1,114 HP

However, aside from all this, the Carmen is an all-electric power house. It matches its peers in this power-crazed world that we live in. There is no safety net of all-wheel drive. Instead there are four lightweight permanent-magnet synchronous electric motors that send power to the rear wheels. The power output is 1,114 hp. That’s a huge amount of power delivered nonchalantly via electric power.

A large 700V lithium ion pack sits behind the driver along with supporting fast DC charging. With around 250 miles per charge range, it is a somewhat practical EV of sorts if look at this this way.

Hispano Suiza isn’t here to grab Tesla sales though as an even more niche hypercar which brings old school charm mixed with ludicrous performance. Expect to pay $2 million – if you can get your hands on one that is.


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