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Track-only hypercars make a lot of sense in the way that these cars need not bow down to legislation required to be fit for the road or even be tied down by emissions regulations. Hence a hypercar for the track can let its imagination run wild with no regard to suitability for the road. Super slick tires, race car suspension and the singular focus towards speed and nothing else. Well, in case of the Pagani Huarya R, also, a lot of V12 noise.

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In Pagani world, ‘extreme’ is very much a norm and their hypercars are automotive art pieces with stunning attention to detail along with an other-worldly design.

2022 Pagani Huarya R 3

Hypercar: Big bucks and big speed

The Huarya R is the most extreme iteration of the latest Pagani. It is solely meant for the racetrack or even the act of standing still along with letting its owner gawp at its surreal design.

2022 Pagani Huarya R 4

The ‘R’ bit needs perspective as the Zonda R – the previous Pagani – was also extreme, perhaps unhinged in its pursuit towards power and thrills. The Huarya is a big step up from the Zonda. But it keeps the V12 alive – albeit with turbocharging at hand.

However, the R version gets a raucous naturally aspirated V12 engine which revs to a stupendous 9,000 rpm. Total power at hand is 850 HP output and 750 Nm of torque. But the more shocking figure relates to the strict diet which has reduced weight to just 1,050 kg.

2022 Pagani Huarya R

Pagani Huarya R: Automotive art pieces

As a result, the performance is borderline hysterical and ridiculously fast. The powertrain is tailor made and even the gearbox has been made specially for the car – a brand new six-speed sequential ‘box. It also sounds magical with V12 symphony thanks to the new Inconel exhaust system along with identical length exhaust pipes for all twelve cylinders. That enables this V12 beast to sound like a F1 car of the past.

The car is also equipped with mufflers that can be fitted as required. That ensures that noise emissions are reduced to within the FIA limit of 110 decibels for noise restricted tracks. There is a lot of down force being generated and aerodynamic trickery to keep that mighty V12 in check and provide race car dynamics. Being a track-only car enables more extreme solutions for that.

2022 Pagani Huarya R 2

Price? A cool $3.99 million

Amongst all this, the brakes, suspension or the tires are all bespoke for this Pagani. There are brand new CCM-R self-ventilated carbon-ceramic discs coupled with racing pads plus slick P Zero tires.

With the R, we must talk about its sensuous lines since it is by far one of the most beautiful racing cars ever made. Its design is an ode to Le Mans and World Sports-Prototype Championship cars of the 1960s and 1970s. However, it is not just form. Function reigns supreme too with weight savings on the car plus it’s made from composite materials.

Inside, it’s less of an event unlike the standard Huayra but its racing pretensions dictate that. The seats, which are fully integrated into the carbon monocoque, are equipped with six-point safety belts and covered in Nomex flame retardant material. There is a heavy-duty safety cage too.

Pagani Huarya R: Their most extreme car yet

There is a specific motorsport display inside for the driver while all controls fall in hand easily. The pedal set is also adjustable.

Owners of the Huayra R will have individual tailor-made track days and even group events where they can push their new $3.99 million toy with an army of professional drivers and a team for the car.

According to Pagani, this is their most extreme car yet – something its clientele come to expect. This also provides a sneak peek into the racing lifestyle where track versions are bought and used for racing across circuits all over the world. A safe place to unleash the V12 fury we guess!

2022 Pagani Huarya R 6

What we like

A stunning track-only hypercar with an analogue personality. Amazing V12 engine and craftsmanship.

What we don’t like

Owners have limited access to it since it is for the track and hence it is a toy – albeit an expensive one.


It’s not a car but a love letter to the V12 engine and ultimate race car dynamics.

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