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Design has become quite complicated over the years in terms of supercars. Aerodynamics governs the design language and the need to record the fastest lap time. Brutal presence is the need of the hour than classical beauty although happily there are exceptions.

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Ferrari has never looked back at its past in terms of designs. It believes in radical design and yet its Roma Spider can be termed as a nod to the past. It is not a retro design. Instead it infuses Ferrari at its technological peak along with simplified lines. The Roma is a GT and hence, let’s go of spoilers or wings. Instead it is a beautiful interpretation of what a classic sports car can be. The Spider is the convertible version and looks even more gorgeous.

A supercar of exquisite beauty

There are shades of some of the 60s Ferraris nestled within those sensuous lines and the voluptuous curves are juxtaposed against the shark-like nose. The Roma Spider arguably looks prettier with a roofless canvas and embraces the “La Nuova Dolce Vita” concept even more.

Ferrari has made changes to the tapering roofline to accommodate the soft-top roof. That also represents a big change since the Roma Spider marks the return of the V8 soft-top convertible after the glorious 60s 1969 365 GTS4. The soft-top looks better than the hard-top which was previously seen with the Portofino while it can deploy within 13.5 seconds up to driving speeds of 60 km/h. The fabric used is also consisting of a new material for the roof.

The Roma is a GT and hence, let’s go of spoilers or wings as instead it is a beautiful interpretation of what a classic sports car can be

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Ferrari Roma Spider 5

Supercar: 612bhp 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 

Ferrari has also incorporated a nod to its 50s cars with the Roma Spider doing away with Scuderia Ferrari side shields altogether. The front-engined GT traditional look extends with the rear overhang. That too has been redesigned with the Roma Spider along with the active rear spoiler. Hence, it is not just about lopping the top off as you can see.

Ferrari Roma Spider 7

Fast convertible just in time for summer

Inside, the dual-cockpit dashboard wraps around the passengers while yet again the cabin is drenched with subtle references of classic Ferraris. There is a new Ferrari digital display and a huge central touchscreen.

Ferrari has also updated the HMI with the introduction of new steering wheel controls with the touch controls on its spokes. The track pad on the right-hand spoke has been improved as well while the Engine Start button is now also backlit in red. The classic metal gated gear lever is also replicated via the F1 controls and that is carried from the coupe.

The New Ferrari Roma Spider Unveiled

Ferrari Roma Spider 13

A new wind deflector means you can cruise around in cooler climates while enjoying the top-down experience. The 612 bhp (620 HP) 3.9-litre twin-turbocharged V8 is even more sonorous sans roof. That adds a crucial layer to the driving experience. Of course, most of the technology mastery that is applied to the Roma coupe is also seen here with all the driver systems being crammed in.

Ferrari Roma Spider 12


Overall, the combination of a V8 and classic proportions echoing Ferraris past means that this is an immensely desirable Ferrari. The soft-top only adds to its allure.

The Roma Spider is certainly one of the prettiest cars on sale right now and is Ferrari at its very best in terms of combining technology with beauty. We’d have one over the coupe since removing the top only exposes you more to that lovely V8 sans any kind of electrification. And sign us up for that.

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