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From grand British halls where great dames call to playing slingo bingo at Rainbow Riches Casino, bingo has evolved. While playing online might be more popular now, there is still a big interest in bricks and mortar bingo halls. Why?

Every so often it’s nice to:

  • Meet some friends
  • Dress up for the evening
  • Enjoy a different experience

In the 1980s there were over 1,600 bingo halls in the UK, although that number has reduced in recent years. While bingo halls aren’t necessarily associated with luxury, in recent years that has changed. Lavish furnishings, gourmet food and drinks and excellent service have become a part of the

For players looking for an upscale bingo establishment, check out the following:

The Ritz Club, London, England

One of the most exclusive gaming venues in the world has a luxe bingo hall in its interior. It is known as the William Kent Room and accommodates up to 40 players at a time. Plush yet relaxed, players enjoy bingo here 24 hours a day. You can also feel the history here – it’s been visited by huge stars such as:

  • Dame Shirley Bassey
  • Roger Moore
  • Johnny Depp

In keeping with the restaurants in its hotel, The Ritz serves world-renowned food to those playing. Champagne and canapés are served during bingo – how posh. Whether you’re looking for Man Alive or Legs Eleven, you will eventually find them here. It’s easy to find as it is located in Piccadilly in Central London. To play at The Ritz, you require membership.

Bingo Halls

National Bingo Stadium, Dublin, Ireland

Just over the water in the Green Isle, players can enjoy a big night out at this impressive stadium. Bingo is generally held in the VIP lounge. There’s room for up to 2,000 people so it can really feel like a big buzzy experience.

However, most nights around 600 – 800 players are present. The Stadium was built in 1938, so it’s one of Ireland’s longest-running bingo venues. U2, the Irish rock group, signed their first record deal here so it has an impressive history too.

It’s known for being a friendly venue and people have taken home up to £9,000 ($11,250 USD) on a night.

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, USA

One of the Strip’s most iconic hotels and casinos, it’s no surprise that its bingo hall is breathtaking. Designed to resemble an ancient Roman colosseum, the hall has intricate mosaics and marble columns throughout. It definitely feels like an otherworldly experience.

While this venue offers many other games such as:

  • Slots
  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Craps

The Venetian Macau, Macau, China

Everything screams luxury in Macau so playing bingo here is an opulent affair. While playing bingo here, you can also enjoy amazing views across the city. The décor is gold and marble in a large, open hall. The service is unparalleled and the bingo caller has plenty of enthusiasm for their role.

There are plenty of different games, so even beginners won’t feel daunted by playing at this esteemed venue. Food and drinks are available, you can even order cocktails and sushi while playing bingo.

Crowne Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia

Bingo is hugely popular in Australia, and is sometimes called Housie by locals. At the Crowne Melbourne, you’ll find a swanky bingo hall with lavish decoration.

It’s open from 11 a.m. daily and bingo games run late into the night. There are a variety of bingo games available, from the traditional paper game to electronic bingo. You can also achieve different prize levels for better winnings.

There’s a counter in the bingo room where you purchase tickets. Drinks and snacks are also available. The experience here is very social, people are very friendly.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

This tiny country has so much to offer and one of its icons is the towering Marina Bay Sands. You could enter this complex and not emerge for days, there is so much to do there. The bingo hall can easily be described as one of the most sumptuous in the world. Players visit from:

Located on the B1 level of the casino, the bingo hall is spacious and brightly lit. Up to 300 players can be accommodated at one time. A large electronic display board shows the numbers as they are called out for ease of checking.

Sibaya Casino and Entertainment Kingdom, Durban, South Africa

If you like playing bingo in a beautiful environment with stunning nature on the doorstep, choose here. The bingo venue is modern and vibrant You can play bingo games all day and then indulge in other forms of relaxation such as:

  • Swimming in the pool
  • Watching a show
  • Enjoying a massage treatment
  • Swimming in the ocean

Play at home

While you should definitely put these venues on your list, in the meantime it’s easy to play at home. Give yourself a luxurious experience by:

  • Inviting friends over
  • Adding some red velvet curtains to the entrance of your lounge
  • Making some top cocktails to enjoy
  • Taking turns to be the best bingo caller

Bingo can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime now and it’s such a thrill.

Top photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

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