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A casino night is one of the best ways to fundraiser for charities and special events. After all, who doesn’t love wagering on games of chance when the proceeds go to a worthy cause? Below, our beginner’s guide will help you host the best casino night fundraiser possible with tips on decor, games, and more!

Theme and Decor

You’ll first want to pick a theme for your casino night and start selecting the decor for the special event. Casino night is already a theme, but there are many different ways you can put your spin on it. If you want to go with high class, consider a Monaco-themed casino night with a black-tie dress code.

Or maybe you want your casino night to feel more casual, like a secret speakeasy of the early 20th century with prohibition-style decor and jazz music. Consider decor like custom table felts with the event’s name and theme, which you can find at a casino supply store.

Picking Your Games

Once you set your theme, you can choose the games your guests will play for themselves and charity. A casino night should include the staples: blackjack, poker, roulette, etc.

But also have simple games that everyone can play, like Bingo or spin-the-wheel prize games. The more games you have for your guests to play, the more fun they’ll have, and the more money you can raise for your chosen charity!

Hire Professional Dealers

You’ll obviously need an army of dealers to handle all the games to keep your guests playing. Instead of asking for volunteers and asking them to learn the game, consider hiring professional dealers.

For one, they’ll bring an atmosphere of professionalism to the proceedings to make your guests feel like they’re at a real casino. Plus, professional dealers are better at keeping the games going smoothly, so while they may cost more than volunteers, you’re still likely to profit from their presence.

Hand Out Prizes and Giveaways

Throughout the evening, while your guests play games, eat, and drink, you should also hand out prizes and giveaways through raffles, drawings, and other chance games. Since it’s for charity, people won’t expect to win much money, but if they win some prize, they’re more likely to have fun, keep playing, and keep donating.

Small, fun prizes, from toys and trophies to funny joke gifts, will make more people feel like winners and have a good time. You can hand them out as prizes for 50/50 raffles, random drawings, or with a giant spinning prize wheel!

We hope our beginner’s guide helps you host the best casino night fundraiser. Since it’s for charity, the object is to keep the guests playing and the donations flowing, so focus all your attention on keeping players happy and having fun while they gamble for a good cause!

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