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Progress is a scary phenomenon and more so when it comes to supercars. The McLaren 720S shocked everyone with its performance when it first came out and how much of a change it was from the 650S.

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Subsequent iterations including the 765LT only uncorked the potency further. Now with the 720S needing to be updated, McLaren has once again dipped into its brand ethos for a faster yet also a lighter 750S.

McLaren 750S: A beast, generating 750PS and torque of 800Nm

However, the 750S isn’t just a faster 720S as it is bursting with a lot of upgrades. With over 30 percent of the components being new, the Spider and the Coupe build on the mantra of lightness plus get an overhauled chassis along with a new suspension set-up.

At just 1,389kg (DIN), it weighs 30kg less than a 720S. That figure isn’t to be scoffed at since the weight saving includes measures like carbon fibre-shelled racing seats and 10-spoke ultra-lightweight forged wheels. Even the new driver instrument display is lighter by 1.8kg while the windscreen glass also contributes to weight reduction with a 1.6kg saving.

Mclaren 750S 002

100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds

As the name instantly gives away, the 750S generates 740HP and torque of 590 pound-feet of torque with its updated 4.0-litre, twin-turbocharged V8 engine. McLaren has further tweaked the transmission gearing and the kickdown control strategy.

Introducing the McLaren 750S

With the 720S needing to be updated, McLaren has once again dipped into its brand ethos for a faster yet also a lighter 750S.

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That means this rocket ship will dispatch 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds and 0-200km/h in 7.2 seconds (Spider 7.3 seconds). The earlier 720S was known for its suspension. Its Proactive Chassis Control linked-hydraulic suspension gets a new generation update.

This update brings softer suspension springs at the front and they are made stiffer at the rear. The weight saving is also here with the new spring and damper design contributing a 2kg reduction. Other changes include a wider track and a faster steering ratio.

21.Spider Detail Dash Temple Final

Weighs less than the 720S

Despite its slender supercar rulebook inspired lines, the interior is roomy along with a perfect driving position. There are new displays including being mounted in a binnacle that has the controls to select Powertrain and Handling modes located are on either side.

The whole point of this being the driver can focus on the road ahead. Drivers can also store their favourite dynamic settings with the new control launcher feature. Amenities like a faster lift system plus a crisper rear/surround camera sprinkle some useability to this spaceship.

Mclaren 750S Coupe 017

The McLaren 750S has a few design tweaks

The 750S isn’t a huge departure in the looks department since the alien-like design has barely aged. But McLaren has indeed thrown in a few tweaks here and there.

The front splitter is extended. That enables it to have an even lower stance than before while those ‘eye sockets’ now have narrower intakes. Plus the headlight surrounds are now available as coloured or doused in carbon fibre if you wish. The centre exhaust is new and the active rear spoiler is now lengthened too.

Mclaren 750S Coupe 026

What’s the interior like?

The interior sees an interplay between Alcantara and Nappa leather with a new interior theme. The 765LT is more extreme as the 750S is a bit more inclined towards luxury. That includes a Bowers & Wilkins audio system along with more amenities being embedded in.

The 750S is McLaren’s version of its Grand Tourer. It is still an extreme supercar. But it’s something you can still use everyday even if the lure of its twin-turbo V8 might be too potent for everyday use for some.

Images: McLaren

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