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Patio season is in full swing and that means having to plan a plethora of looks to wear with a cold drink in hand. Here are four summer fashion trends 2023 you can try that will make all the difference at any outdoor spot.

Summer fashion 2023: Crochet for the day

Texture is a great way to add character to an outfit and there is no better method to do so than with crochet. Whether layered over a simple tank top or t-shirt or incorporated into an accessory, there is no doubt you’ll look cool, while also staying cool in the sticky summer heat.

And the fun part? Crochet gives you the flexibility to play around with bright colours and intricate designs. There is countless variety available when it comes to these knits, including options when it comes to weight. It’s up to you to determine if you’d prefer to wear a thicker yarn or one that is lighter and more sheer to show off any other pieces you decide to wear underneath. This can allow for fun layering opportunities that might even be a conversation starter while you walk to your next dinner destination.

Summer Fashion Trends 2023

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Summer fashion 2023: Taupe time

Classic, chic, and versatile. Choose taupe for an elegant neutral when attending a rooftop lunch with friends or a relaxing date night. How to style it? Make a statement with a matching set or head-to-toe monochromatic look with a contrasting black belt. Or for a more casual evening, pair a taupe top or bottom with other muted pieces, such as a cream polo or sage joggers.

The shade can also be incorporated into your transitional wardrobe as it sits well alongside traditional fall colours, like burgundy and brown. So, why not push the envelope with taupe?

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Elevated graphic T-shirt

Let’s face it — comfort is key when you’re sitting on a patio with friends for hours on end. And for most, comfort equates to an easy-to-wear, reliable t-shirt. But when going through your closet to pick the perfect one, it can often be a challenge to find a t-shirt that is appropriate for certain, more upscale restaurants. A solution is opting for a branded, graphic t-shirt, that is simple to style, but still trendy and sophisticated. And luckily, many luxury brands now offer a number of options, whether that be through a range of colourways or interesting printed designs.

If you want to keep things safe, go for a top with a discreet logo placed on the corner of the chest or one that blends in and is printed in the same colour as the fabric. If you’d rather go down the edgy route, try a bright colour, bolder branding, such as a large, special-edition logo, or a recognizable pattern, like Burberry’s tartan check. Elevate each option with a clean-cut pair of trousers with shoes to match and you’ve got a cozy, yet modern look for an evening out.

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Summer fashion 2023: Leather takeover

For late nights or waterside weather, try leather. Though mostly associated with cooler temperatures, leather is classic and can be incorporated into any outfit in subtle ways. And nowadays, leather pieces come in a multitude of shades. One of the most popular for the patio is a soft beige that can be thrown with mostly any outfit, while still bringing richness to the look. This version especially works well with jackets and blazers as it allows the outerwear to appear lighter and more outdoorsy.

When it comes to leather, we can’t forget about traditional accessories. A quality shoe, belt, or bag can make or break any ensemble — and can also bring a sense of authority, which makes it ideal to incorporate into any look you want to sport heading from the office to a nice dinner.

But it’s not all about aesthetics, of course. Spending on these sorts of leather items usually means an investment in long-term, practical pieces that will serve a purpose for many years. And it’s not hard to choose what to buy, as most leather options are timeless. This includes a comfortable loafer that works with any suit or slim, dark jeans and a relaxed briefcase that fits a laptop and looks great hanging on the back of your chair while you sip a scotch lakeside.

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