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A staycation is by definition a decision by an individual to take time off from work but instead of travelling to a destination instead opts to engage in leisure activities at home or explore their local area.

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Why is a staycation so popular? It’s more budget-friendly, as opposed to travel expenses like costly airline tickets, accommodation cost, eating at restaurants. You’re eliminating the stress of travelling abroad, in particular airport hell, lost luggage, being stranded on a plane on a tarmac in 100-degree heat. You’re eliminating travel time which adds to your holiday. Plus a staycation is eco-friendly – reducing travel distances can help decrease carbon footprints.

Driving a recreational vehicle has become more popular across Europe for so many different reasons. There’s the comfort, flexibility, convenience, plus of course the health benefits. If you live in the United Kingdom, there are so many options for a staycation in an RV. Here are three must-visits:

Snowdonia National Park, South Wales

Wales is a stunning country to visit, wherever you land and whatever time of year you decide to travel. But there are some locations that truly stand out, and which can only truly be experienced from the road. Snowdonia National Park is one such destination, being a sprawling wilderness defined by Wales’ tallest peak: Yr Wyddfa.

That sublime landscape simply has to be seen to be believed, and there are dozens of potential pit-stops you can make for an easy trek or wildlife-spotting exercise. Yr Wyddfa itself is also a relatively easy climb, if your family is up to it.

While this is an eminently family-friendly visit, there are some risks inherent to driving on the less well-maintained roads in the quieter parts of the national park. Before you travel, make sure your motorhome insurance is up-to-date and comprehensive – and don’t forget to pack some emergency tools as well as food, in case you find yourself stranded.

The Lake District, Cumbria

Snowdonia is rivalled, though, by the edifying majesty of England’s own North-Western national park. The Lake District encompasses almost the entirety of Cumbria, and takes the form of a mountainous landscape dotted with lakes and woodland. It is, without a doubt, one of the best camping locations in Western Europe.

Indeed, this would be the perfect place to bring your family for a proper taste of the outdoors. From Keswick to Ullswater and well beyond, there is no shortage of beautiful campsites from which to choose – and no shortage of incredible mountain paths to explore. Some care should be taken in choosing your routes, but most are easy – and extremely engaging for all the family. Just think twice before taking your children to the Derwent Pencil Museum.


Last but certainly not least, we have a different flavour entirely, in the form of the ultimate urban retreat. London is a bustling city rife with activities and opportunities, from the thrills of boat-rides on the Thames to haunting visits to the Tower of London. There is something fun for the children round every corner, and no chance of running out of things to do.

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