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Regarding Luxury asked several Italian businessmen their opinion about the video presentation for Eleventy’s Spring/Summer Collection for 2022. We found the fashion house scored high on lists as being practical, slick and a cool attire for sporty and luxury wear. However there was one common drawback. Nobody we interviewed knew the Eleventy fashion brand.

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“The style communicates well for social media influencers. And it looks like a fashion an influencer would wear today,” said Alessandro Bianchi, a 30-year-old accountant who works for a banking investment company in Milan. “It seems tailor-made for the upper class. I like the casual look. But I could not go to the office wearing their business line because I’m an accountant.”

Bianchi added that he never heard of the fashion brand but finds the line “simple to wear and modern.” The “wow” factor happened when Bianchi discovered the look of simplicity has a high price. A bicolor T-shirt, for example, can run €170 ($250 Canadian) and he added: “I thought it was affordable.”

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The same positive sentiment was echoed with 39-year-old financial trader Fabio Pozzo who works for an investment bank in Turin. “I like the style, the trousers and jackets and the white and off-white are good colours,” he said. “But I need to wear ties and I never heard of them.”

Meanwhile, for 25-year-old technician Riccardo Alberti who works for a multinational corporation in Varese, thought the company was a foreign brand.

“It looks like it is made for people who want to be casual and elegant and for the type of people who play golf,” said Alberti. “It seems like a fashion made for Americans.”

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Who are Eleventy?

Founded in 2007 by creative director Marco Baldassari, along with Paolo Zuntini and Andrea Scuderi, Eleventy is very much a Made-in-Italy brand. With one prestigious shop in Yorkville Village, Eleventy was reported to have closed last year with a sales turnover of about 20 million Euros, down between 20% and 25% compared to 2019.

Baldassari told ANSA news: “We expected worse. And we look to 2021 with optimism with the sales campaign for the man doing well. With the arrival of the vaccine we hope to be able to return to normal soon.”

Luxury Fashion: Eleventy Spring/Summer 2022

Another way to feel

The Eleventy SS22 men’s collection expresses a new way to feel. It invites fashionable men to rediscover the pleasure of dressing in modern elegance, confident that fashion will soon return to the “desired escapes.”

“We are optimistic, confident and positive and, after long seasons of sports/home wear and active wear, we are reopening the stage to pure rediscovered elegance,” said Baldassari.

The pleasure of a new freedom and the desire for self-care brings the blazer back to the centre of our wardrobe. A great desire for freedom, which I have expressed in the volatility of ultra-light and comfortable clothes and garments, to be worn naturally throughout the day.”

The jacket returns to be a protagonist and, in the New Generation, becomes a versatile cross garment, available in new fabrics and combinations. It’s a contemporary, light and modern jacket to wear not only at work but also during travels, leisure time and even in moments of relaxation and at the gym. The blazers are made with fine lightweight fabrics but also in deconstructed tricot or rice-grain linen knit.

Freshness + lightness + modernity

Freshness+Lightness+Modernity are the key concepts of the next collection for special and unique garments, such as those in the new seersucker fabrics, embossed and elegant, with a wavy look, suitable for summer. Or the slightly stretch garments that satisfy the need for freedom, comfort and relaxation. They use advanced techniques, such as thermo-welding, and eliminate seams, guaranteeing unique garment performance.

The magic of “designed and studied” colours

A careful and non-trivial study of colour, in all its shades and combinations, makes the colour choice of the Eleventy collection unique and recognizable. That includes bleached sky, pale pink, dusty orange, chalk green are the original shades designed to be matched with the iconic Eleventy colours such as medium grey, sand, milk-white, infinity blue. Colours that interpret the new modern elegance, also appreciated by younger people who know how to mix different styles.

Eleventy men’s collection fall winter 2021-22. The new reflective elegance

Marco Baldassari: “It is an elegance designed for oneself; it is a new way of thinking and being in the world that changes and renews itself.”

A modern, dynamic, sporty man who seeks his “own” style guided by a new awareness of himself and the meaning of beauty.


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