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Everyone knows that drinking plenty of water is good for our health, but all too often, we fail to do things that we know are in our best interests. Beverage companies know that star power boosts sales, and that even water can sell best when endorsed by celebs.

That said, the humble beverage is no longer a simple concept, with flavored options, and premium brands focusing intensely on the alkalinity of water being one of the key components to the health benefits of quality hydration.

Here are some of the most prominent celebrities that promote a range of iconic water brands.

Beyoncé – WTRMLN

Beyoncé is no stranger to beverage commercials, having been the face of Pepsi for some time now. Since then, the global superstar has invested in WTRMLN WTR – the watermelon water Co. – as part of her focus on supporting health, feminism (the company’s CEO is a woman), and global wellness initiatives.

WTRMLN WTR partners with farmers, turning ‘less than perfect’ watermelons into a low sugar, high electrolyte juice by cold pressing both the rind and flesh and adding a squeeze of lime and a dash of filtered water. Beyoncé believes WTRMLN WTR to be the ‘future of clean, natural hydration.’

Jayden Smith – JUST

While learning to surf, a young Jaden Smith, son of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, spotted a plastic bottle bobbing in the water next to him, and it’s an image he never forgot. Inspired to make a difference in the fight against plastic pollution in the oceans, he founded JUST. Naturally alkaline and rich in minerals, JUST is 100% pure, mountain-sourced spring water and available as still and carbonated.

Sustainability is at the heart of JUST – both of the mountains’ watersheds used to source its water are replenished every year with rain and snowfall, and 88% of the carton materials are plant-based and renewable.

Katy Perry – Core

Another water brand achieving a significant boost in brand awareness thanks to celebrity endorsements is Core. The company’s advertising strategy features a handful of music celebs, including Diplo, Max Martin, Juicy J, Becky G, and pop superstar Katy Perry, who invested in the business.

Perry says that, given her touring and workout schedule, hydration is key, and the great taste and beautiful packaging of Core, added to its perfectly balanced minerals and electrolytes, give it the winning edge over the competition.

Corey Watson Bw4Eofxntns Unsplash 2

LeBron James – Lifewtr

NBA legend LeBron James signed a major PepsiCo endorsement deal just last year, having previously been affiliated with the Coca-Cola Co and its Mtn Dew campaigns. James’ first PepsiCo marketing push was for its Ruffles brand, but now the beverage giants intend to use basketball superstar to endorse its premium water offering, Lifewtr.

Lifewtr is marketed as an immune-supporting water, featuring 10% of the recommended intake of zinc for healthy immune function. The brand also features a range of unique artworks on the bottles across 11 series to date, with Lifewtr stating that creativity should ‘flow like water.’

Jennifer Aniston/Zendaya – Smartwater

The only beverage to receive Jennifer Aniston’s valuable seal of approval was Smartwater – although her contract ended in 2019, she continues to be a fan of the iconic water brand.

Actress Gal Gadot came on board in 2020 as a fresh, new face for the brand, and now, the global brand’s newest ambassador is acclaimed actor, Zendaya. According to the Global Hydration-Category President at The Coca-Cola Company (owners of Smartwater since 2007), Zendaya is a ‘global icon and cultural force,’ and that she makes the perfect partner because ‘she’s not afraid to be true to herself.’

Partnering with Women for Water, Smartwater and Zendaya are working to help address the water crisis affecting communities across the world, beginning with the actor’s hometown of Oakland, California.

Mark Wahlberg & Sean ‘Love’ Combs – AQUAHydrate

AQUAhydrate is marketed as ‘the performance water,’ offering superior hydration via a (proprietary) blend of 72 trace minerals and no calories, sugar or artificial additives. It also just so happens to feature Mark Wahlberg and Sean ‘Love’ Combs as prominent investors.

Wahlberg, in particular, is famed for his intense dedication to physical fitness and wellness, adding significant credibility to the brand. AQUAhydrate uses a ‘waste-free ionization technology’ to achieve a supremely alkaline 9.5pH. Many believe that such elevated alkaline levels deliver significant health and wellness benefits by bringing the body back into balance.

Organic water marketing by health-conscious celebs

Other celebrities who organically market water by publicly swearing by alkaline water include:

Miranda Kerr

Supermodel and former Victoria’s Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr, shares that she has alkaline water filters throughout her home – even in the shower heads – to ensure that all water that comes into the house is purified. Additionally, she reportedly drinks up to three liters of alkaline water each day to support her health and wellbeing.

Tom Brady

Famous pro-athlete and quarterback Tom Brady also publicly swears by the health benefits of drinking alkaline water, with the pro-athlete stating that it’s likely one of the reasons that he’s been able to keep playing football at his age. Six-time Superbowl champion Brady reportedly uses Kangen Water – a water ionizer machine that produces ‘alkaline ionized hydrogen rich-antioxidant water’ for better hydration and to fight inflammation, among other health benefits.

Roger Daltrey

Lead singer of iconic band The Who also attributes drinking alkaline water as one of his secrets to staying healthy, telling an interviewer that he’s noticed an improvement in his general well-being since incorporating it into his daily routine. Daltrey reportedly goes on tour with a Tyent water purifier.

Top photo by Julian Myles on Unsplash 

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